Songs to Make Us Happy

I Love Nature

I love nature.
Nature is cool.
The forest is my classroom.
The earth is my school.
Trees are my teachers.
Animals are my friends.
On this school, all life depends.

Happiness is Here and Now

Happiness is here and now.
I have dropped my worries.
Nowhere to go.
Nothing to do.
No longer in a hurry.
Happiness is here and now.
I have dropped my worries.
Somewhere to go.
Something to do.
But I don’t need to hurry.

Roots and Shoots End of Season Celebration

The students in Roots and Shoots celebrated all their hard work over the past 10 weeks. The students shared presentations and skits, hosted a bake sale and passed out free bookmarks to promote Buy No Rhino.

Dylan and Davy made a skit to raise awareness about rhino poaching.  They preformed the skit in front of the entire elementary school during an assembly on Dedicated Service. Well done!!


iMovie created by Ethan, Grade 5

iMovie created by Eric, Grade 4.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 preformed by Billy and Ryan:

Buy No Rhino Visits SSIS!

Buy No Rhino was founded by Ness and Vicky from South Africa. These 2 sisters are midway through a 7-month cycling trip to raise awareness on rhino poaching in Southeast Asia, and they stopped by to visit SSIS yesterday. Students and teachers were inspired by their presentation to the Elementary Roots and Shoots group!  You can check out their project on their blog: or ‘like’ Buy No Rhino on Facebook. #buynorhino.

Roots and Shoots with Vicky and Ness

Roots and Shoots with Vicky and Ness

Buy No Rhino2


Next week the students will work on the Buy No Rhino Art Project. They will create a piece of art work that includes their personal message about how they feel about the rhino poaching crisis.

Check back next week to see our creations!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.43.18 AM

photo credit- Buy No Rhino

art project




Roots & Shoots Toy Sale Coming Soon!

We Need Your Help for The Roots & Shoots Toy Sale!      toys for sale assorted toys picture 

Please donate gently used toys, books, jewelry, games and other items that kids would like.

Please bring your donations to school anytime from now until Thursday, May 14th to Room B-206. (Mrs. Wilson’s classroom)

Our Toy Sale will be held on May 18th, 19th and 20th  during the lunch recess in the Atrium. 

All money raised will go towards helping Operation Smile ,an organization that provides surgeries for children with facial deformities and Mai Tam House of Hope, an organization that cares for children  and mothers affected with HIV/Aids by providing medicine, food and educational opportunities.

Thanks for your Support! 

Root & Shoot Group Members


Jan Latta’s Amazing Visit! ( From a 5th grader’s perspective-Semin Yun)



Jan Latta with Group of Grant writers Barb with Jan Latta P1050243 P1050218 P1050231 P1050222On February 26th, a delightful guest speaker, named Jan Latta visited our Elementary School and gave presentations to both the EC-2nd grade students and the 3rd to 5th grade students.

Jan Latta is the author of many books about endangered animals and she takes all the photos that she uses for her books. She taught us many things about her job, her life as an author and photographer. One of her best stories was when she actually got to hug a cheetah! Jan Latta described that experience as the most magical moment in her life. The reason why this cheetah wasn’t dangerous was because that cheetah had been raised as an orphan with humans. Another adventure Jan had was with a huge orangutan.  While she was taking its picture, it stood up and suddenly charged towards her! She remained calm and stood still. It turned out the orangutan was actually running towards another female orangutan!

Some lucky students who were in Roots & Shoots got a chance to have lunch with Jan Latta and ask her questions. Later in the day, she visited our 5th grade classes and gave them tips about how to do a good layout for essays with pictures. This was organized especially for the 5th graders because we will soon be writing our own featured articles about global issues.

We were able to invite Jan Latta to our school, thanks to the PTA. The PTA had a Student Initiative Grant that contained most of the money that we needed to invite Jan Latta. But to get this grant, seven girls from Roots & Shoots had to write a proposal to the PTA, explaining why they needed the money. I was one of the seven girls, and it was kind of hard writing the proposal. But when the proposal was finished and the PTA agreed, I felt really proud and relieved. I want to thank the friends and teachers that helped me; Ariel, Megan, Yoon Ji, Valentina, Judy, Sohyeon, Mrs. Wilson, and Mr. Sullivan. I loved the feeling that we were actually inviting a famous person who could teach our students about endangered animals.

Our Wonderful Workers Video

Our Roots & Shoots group decided to interview some of the workers at our school to learn more about them. We divided into three groups and made sure that each group had at least one Vietnamese speaker.

Next, we set out with our I-pads and questions to interview them. We discovered many interesting things that we never realized!  Watch this video to learn about our wonderful workers!  A big thank you to  our tech coordinator, Mr. Alfredo Papaseit who helped us create and produce this wonderful workers video!