Throughout Earth Week, beginning with the theme of  ”waste,” SSIS student used recyclable materials to create arcade games.  This was inspired by Caine Monroy’s creation known internationally as Caine’s Arcade.  The final day of Earth Week became a “Day of Play” in which elementary students shared, explored, and “played” with the variety of games they had created.

SSIS Caine’s Arcade/Cardboard Challenge 2013 from jeff nesmith on Vimeo.

The above video was created by Jeff Nesmith of Gypsy Creative.  Please read Jeff’s blog post for more information about Caine’s Arcade and this project.

As we gear up for this year’s Earth Week it is nice to look back at our reflections from last year.  Check out these videos:

Monday – FOOD

Tuesday – WASTE

Wednesday – ENERGY

Thursday – WATER


A big thanks to Ms Ha for putting these together!

We had a very successful Earth Week! On Friday the students took time to reflect on the activities. Students have made individual pledges about how they will do their part to help the earth. We have also gathered ideas from the students about initiatives that we can look at as a school. Together we really can make a difference!

Stay tuned for the video reflections by the SSIS elementary students.

Today the students ‘got their hands dirty’ in an investigation to see if they could undo water pollution. The students found that they could remove the large pieces of floating trash but they have more difficulty sifting out the dirt. The most challenging pollutant to remove was the oil.

Have a look at the students efforts:

A lot of the run-off from the streets makes it way into our waterways. How can we stop our water from becoming polluted? We need to stop it at the source. We need to prevent oils, detergents, and trash from making it to the waterways.

Today the students reflected on the amount of trash the elementary school generates in 1 day.  While looking at the trash pile we thought about 4 questions.

What type of items do you see most in our trash?

What items do you see that are recyclable?

How could we sort our trash better?

How can we reduce the amount of waste (recyclable & non-recyclable) that elementary has each day?

Have a look at their responses in the images below:


Students were also asked to complete a survey:

Did your snack come in a non-recyclable plastic wrapper today?

183 students took the survey.  Of those students 62 answered YES, their snack did come in a non-recyclable plastic wrapper.  The great news is that 121 students answered NO; they did not have any plastic waste!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could reduce the plastic wrapper waste even more? What can you do to help?


Students also played TRASH BINGO today to help with their understanding of what materials we find in the trash that we should try to reuse and recycle before throwing in the garbage can.  The best thing we can do is to REDUCE the amount of things we buy that are disposable or come in plastic packaging.

Students who won a BINGO round entered their name in a draw for an SSIS water bottle.  The draw took place this afternoon at 4:30PM.  The winners of the draw were:

Tony (5HM), Rumi (3MW), Katharina (1MF), Peggy (2MG), San (4MC), and Peter (K-CC)

CONGRATULATIONS! We will deliver your water bottles to your classrooms. 


Enjoy the pictures from today’s activities!

Today the students were involved in making their own cookies and iced tea.  The students were very successful; the cookies and iced tea were very delicious!  Why not try making these things at home too – click on this link to see the recipes and procedure.  A big thank you to the parent volunteers who helped out today!

We can reduce our plastic waste in multiple ways:

  • make snacks yourself and bring them to school in reusable containers
  • buy items in bulk (bigger bags) and then store things in reusable containers to bring for snack
  • avoid buying items that are individually wrapped
  • buy fruits and vegetables from the market and bring them as snacks in reusable containers

Enjoy looking at the pictures below from our atrium activity today.
Don’t forget to look at the quotes from some of students in the blog post below.

Together we can make a difference.

Why is it good to have Meatless Monday at SSIS?

“We can save animals.” Min Seo, Grade 5

“It is like taking 55 thousand cars off the road.” Kamille, Grade 5

“It will help reduce the cow population.” Gabe, Grade 5

“If people continue to eat beef then the demand will rise and more cows means methane gas from cows will increase.” Joey, Grade 5

“Maybe our school should stop serving beef every Monday.” YaYa, Grade 5

What snacks can you make yourself so you can stop buying individually packaged snacks?

The grade 5 class came up with the following list:

  •  popcorn
  • muffins
  • fruit
  • cupcakes or cake
  • cookies
  • vegetable sticks
  • salad (fruit or vegetable)

Bring snacks in reusable containers or Snacky Wrappys!

How can we stop the plastic bottle problem?

“Buy drinks in cans.” Ms Heather, Grade 5

“The cafeteria should stop selling plastic bottles.” Lucie, Grade 5

“We can use reusable bottles at the smoothie stand instead of using plastic cups and straws.” Kamille, Grade 5

“We can stop buying drinks in plastic bottles.” Min Seo & Kalesia, Grade 5