This school year, the High School Fine Arts Department welcomes a new Music teacherMr Forbes. There has been lots of positive comments and joy about the atmosphere and style of the new music classes from our fellow students. I myself have passed by the music room a couple of times when there’s a class, and I can tell how much fun they are having. We had a short interview to learn more about him and what he is planning to do for the 2017-2018 school year. We can really sense his enthusiasm in the answers that we are provided:

Dragon Tales (DT): Hi Mr Forbes! It would be fantastic if you could answer some questions to provide us with some information and your goals for the year. First of all, what are your first impressions of SSIS?

Mr Forbes (Mr.F): I have really enjoyed my first month here at SSIS. The students and staff have been really welcoming. Ho Chi Minh City is an awesome city, and SSIS has an amazing campus.

DT: How do you feel about our music students?

Mr. F:  SSIS has a lot of musical talent. I am really looking forward to working with our musicians this school year.

DT: What are your favourite genre(s) and instrument(s)?

Mr. F: As a classically trained Trumpet player, I have a love for classical music. That being said, I do enjoy listening to more modern Pop music from time to time. My favorite instrument other than the trumpet is the piano.

DT: What are your main objectives for this school year?

Mr. F: My goal for this year is allowing our musicians to play music together as much as possible. Our first concert is Thursday, Nov 16th at 6pm. This concert will feature our combined High School Orchestra, performing music inspired from different parts of the world.

DT: Thank you so much, Mr. Forbes! Have a nice day!


And here’s a photo of him that he kindly provided us with: