On Thursday, May 11, the Film Festival was held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. This event featured short videos made by eighth graders and tenth graders; the eighth graders’ videos offered different solutions for environmental issues, and the tenth graders focused on numerous topics related to World War II.

The students worked incredibly hard on these videos. Our eighth graders spent three months working on their ten-minute products, researching their topics, putting efforts in selecting photos to use in their videos, recording their voices, and finally editing and polishing. Their videos showed deep knowledge about the topics they covered, with insightful questions and recommended solutions. The tenth graders worked just as hard, although they only had roughly five weeks to complete their movies; The process included everything from raising a guiding question, learning how to research, to final editing. The movies topics include battle strategies (weapons), cultural influence, communication during wartime, Holocaust survivors and many more.

The audience included parents, students from other grades, and teachers. All seemed to enjoy what they watched, as the films were informative as well as entertaining, and they asked many questions and gave positive comments. Popcorn was served, as was tea and snacks. Below are some photos of the night:

Self-served Popcorn


A typical movie room