The GIN Saigon Conference is held annually in March with the objective of bringing students together to solve global issues. This year, the 2017 conference was hosted by Canadian International School, with the participation of international schools all over Ho Chi Minh City.

The SSIS team. (Cred. to CIS Media Team)

SSIS students from grades 6 to 12 also contributed to the conference by hosting workshops and participating in the service fair to raise awareness for different global issues. Furthermore, there were two amazing TED talks prepared by Dan Dan from Grade 10 (who discussed the issue of E-waste) and San – Sung Kyu from Grade 8 (who discussed the issue of ocean acidification).

TED Talk by Dan Dan. (Cred. to CIS Media Team)

During the 3-day conference, students had the opportunity to learn from three inspiring keynote speakers from different walks of life: Scott Alderson from Clean Up Vietnam, and NGO that holds clean-up events in different areas of Vietnam; Sarah and Jared Dahl who are fighting against human trafficking, and Dr. Inah from Doctors Beyond Boundaries, an NGO that builds hospitals for people who can’t access health care in South East Asia.

TED Talk by Sarah Dahl. (Cred. to CIS Media Team)

In between TED Talks and keynote speeches were GANG sessions. Students were able to choose their GANG group based on the global issue they’re interested in (Ethics of Science, Poverty, Human Trafficking, etc.). There were more than 20 GANG groups and students in each GANG collaborated to come up with real-world solutions. GIN students made videos, presentations, filmed interviews, and conducted debates to bring attention to their respective GANG topic. Overall, this year’s conference was a success.

A GANG session. (Cred. to CIS Media Team)

Group photo. (Cred. to CIS Media Team)

Activity to simulate real-world problems. (Cred. to CIS Media Team)