Dragonology: (draɡən/äləjē)

ssis-dragonDragonology is the one-stop online destination for all three major student publications at Saigon South International School. Here you will find:

Each of these publications has evolved in one way or another over the years (from print to online, radio to video, etc.) and they will continue to grow over time. But Dragonology will remain the voice of SSIS — for the students and by the students. Click the links above to explore Dragonology.


DragonTales is the original student-produced magazine and the official student news publication of SSIS.


Formerly a radio broadcast group, the Dragon Broadcast Club (DBC) is the official video outlet for SSIS high school.


Xiklo is the literary and art magazine of Saigon South International School, presented by our high school students.