Today in 1D we started Earth Week.  We are learning about our Earth this week and several ways that we can help it thrive for many years to come.  One song that we listened to was called "The 3 R's."  We hope you enjoy the song as well.

Today we met with Mr. Viet from the Makerspace. He taught us about Makerspace rules to use to keep safe. He then taught us how to properly use a hot glue gun.  We all had practice with safety techniques and had a try with the gun.  

We will continue to use the hot glue gun this week as we continue to build our prototypes for our super unit project.

Today we had a great surprise to see one of our sunflowers in bloom.  We wanted to know how tall it was.  We grabbed our rulers and measured the flower, stock and leaves in inches and centimetres. 

We then took a walk into our bamboo walkway.  We are very curious to find out why the bamboo trees decided to grow towards each other and make a roof?  This is a great dinner time conversation to have tonight. Enjoy the discussion.

Today we had our first exposure to what a design cycle is.  We were able to work through the first stage: imagine.  We had a great brainstorm of different ideas for our projects.  Some of us even decided what we wanted to create.  Later this week we will work on the plan and design stages for our project.

In order for us to have a successful project, we need your help collecting materials from home. Please can you send in any materials that you might not need anymore. Examples include cardboard boxes and plastic containers.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Mr. Lee and Ms. Ngan

Today we finished off a wonderful week celebrating Dr. Seuss.  We meet the other Grade 1 classes and saw The Sleep Book. We talked about the importance of sleep to our bodies and brains and how important it is to our Balance In Life. We then paired up with a friend from a different class to have a Read to Someone. Please check our March photo gallery for all the pictures.