Pronouns take the place of nouns

Pronouns are wonderful things! Pronouns They make the students’ our writing more interesting. Otherwise, if we don’t use pronouns them, the students constantly repeat the students‘ those same words over and over.

So watch this song!

Then watch this one.

We will make a Venn diagram to note which information is the same in both videos, and what is different in each. Be ready to explain the similarities and differences.

Then we’ll take a look at this information on one category of pronouns that the other videos didn’t include.

To get really technical, here are the various categories of pronouns

Be ready to explain all of this and give examples. It’s your ticket out the door!

Writing samples for scoring discussion

Hi All,

Here are Ms Brown’s two samples of the football story so you can look at them to talk about how to score them.

You will be using the rubrics

Sample 1:

I like baseball. It’s my favorite sport. Do you know why?I grew up in Texas and everybody there liked football. I played football too. I was small but I knew how to catch a ball and throw a ball.When I moved to a new school for sixth grade we had a big team for football. They let me play but they didn’t have a jersey for me. My mom got one for me and dyed it green so I could wear it but it was ugly. I told her but then she was mad at me. I was embarrassed to wear it. Everyone laughed at me. Somebody threw a ball at me and it hit me in the stomach. I grabbed it and ran but I fell down. I couldn’t breathe! The coach asked me what was wrong. The coach picked me up and dropped me down. Then I could breathe. Then the game was done. I didn’t like it so that’s why I like baseball.

Sample 2: