Monday’s Math Musings

Please see below for your student’s reflection:


Arts Around the World

Thanks to the wonderful PTA volunteers for a great afternoon of arts and culture!

Tuesday’s Terrific Thinking

Here are some of the activities students chose from today’s Math Centers.  Students are having fun using pattern blocks, geoboards and riddles to practice using geometry and position words like: SIDES, CORNERS, IRREGULAR, PLANE, SOLID, RECTANGLE, HEXAGON and TOP, BOTTOM, RIGHT, LEFT.  Please see their reflections from their activities:

Thursday’s Geometric Creations

Students explored using pattern blocks today.  They made creative designs and counted their sides and corners.  They also labeled the shapes they used to build their design.  This will be a new Math Center students can choose next week!




Below is their written reflections of their exploration:






Geometry Begins!

Students have begun exploring plane shapes with Pentonminos!  Day they tried to use all 10 pentominos to create as many different shapes as they could.  They needed to count the sides and the corners of each of their shapes.  Students were very excited to find shapes with so many sides: the record was 68 sides!

Please see below for your students reflection of this math exploration:





Thursday’s Terrific Math Reflections

Math Centers continue to prepare students for the Learning Journeys this week.  Created today, the work above is a student collaboration “smashing” three different iPad apps together: Chatterpix, ExplainEverything and Seesaw.  Please see your student’s reflective thinking below:


Building More Independent Math Thinkers

There is SO much math happening in our class this week.  This is a post from Seesaw about measuring in centimeters.  Look below at the thinking your student has shared:

Thursday’s Math Centers

Today a different group of students worked with Mr Jeremy on using a number line addition game to help learn a new strategy for addition.  Other students continued their work with measuring, telling time and writing/solving number stories.  See their thinking below:

Smart Consumers Visit Citimart

Today students searched the local Citimart for examples of different types of materials in packaging.  Students noticed many products use plastic, metal foil, and card board for their containers.  Students also noticed that many fruits and vegetables have NATURAL packages that can decompose!

I wonder what they will think of Mr Jeremy’s choices at the store today.  On Seesaw students have been asked: What types of packaging did Mr Jeremy choose to buy? Which one will end up in the landfill?  Which ones can be used?  Did Mr Jeremy have better choices??