Fun with Positional Words

Over the past 2 weeks, the students in Kindergarten EAL are learning positional words.

Here is a list of the new words we are learning how to use:
in front of
next to

The monkey is above Khanh An’s head.

The monkey is below Jun-Hee’s head.

The monkey is next to Dongwoo.

The monkey is in front of Andrew.

The monkey is inside the box.

The monkey is outside the box.

The monkey is behind Hyunji.

5 Senses

The students have been learning lots of new vocabulary this week.  We are learning about the 5 senses: see, hear, taste, smell, touch

We sorted picture cards and used the following sentence stems:

I see ________.
I hear _______.
I smell ______.
I taste ______.
I touch _____.

Watch this video to see the EAL kinders in action!


This is our Song of the Week: Five Senses Song


Jack-O-Lantern Fun

This week, we did a pumpkin project. The students listened to and sang this song:

Then we made our own Jack-o-Lanterns! The students made a face and practiced saying:
“My pumpkin has _______.”

Here is a video of Minyoung, Kotaro, Jayden and Bella reading about their pumpkins.

Next week, the students will be learning about Design and Discovery in the Kindergarten science classes. We will learn vocabulary around the 5 senses: hearing, seeing, touching, feeling and tasting and the body parts that match the senses. More to come next week!

Playing Games

When children play games, it makes the learning fun.  Here’s a video of “Pass the Ball” and “The Card Game.”  During these 2 games, the students practice asking and answering questions.

We play The Card Game.

The Card Game:  A student turns over 2 cards, one with a food item and one with a student’s photo.  That player has to ask the student a question.  “Do you like pizza?” The other students answers, “Yes, I like _____.” or “No, I don’t like _____.

We love this song from Super Simple Songs, “Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?”


Asking and Answering Questions

This week we are continuing to practice asking and answering questions. We played “Pass the Ball,” and when the music stopped, the students had to flip a card and ask a question to their partner. Their partner had to answer in a complete sentence.

Question: “Can you __________?” (clap, swim, stomp, climb, run, dance, sing)
Answer: “Yes, I can _______.” or “No, I can’t _______.”

Kotaro passes the ball to his friend.

We play “Pass the Ball.”

We’ve been up to a lot!

During the past two weeks, the Kinder EALs have been working on a lot of new things. We are learning new vocabulary through songs and pictures. One goal for the students is to move beyond one word answers and answer in full sentences instead.

We are practicing:

What is your name?
“I am ________ (name).”

If You’re Happy

How are you today?
“I am ________ (feeling).”
New Vocabulary: happy, excited, sad, angry, surprise, scared

HaYoon, Andrew, Lurie, Hyunji and Duc Anh

Yeonwoo, Phuong, Altay, Khanh An, Jun-Hee

Min-Young, Bella, Kotaro, Jayden and Linh