Everything you need to know before it begins…

Hey guys and I’m Matthew writing my first blog post for the Physics project. Anyone reading this would more or less know what is going on. A physics project was initiated by Mr.Bunting and we will be answering questions we created based on climate change. So I will give you a guess on what this is…

So why Lego? Why a toy and how can it impact it? That is where you are wrong my friend. It’s the material we are talking about. This is what is the cause, the problem, natures possible death…  I may be dramatic but don’t get me wrong because “EARTH MAY DIE FROM GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE!” and this is not science fiction. It may not be entirely from Lego but it can be part of the caused. So it is time you know the real truth about the lego brick when you read my blog…


What I need to do By this date Comments
Research Nov 29
  • What causes global warming?
  • How will climate change impact climate in certain regions (i.e. flooding, drought, hurricanes, etc.)?
Blog Nov 30
  • Write up first blog post:
    • What is my research question?
    • What information have I found thus far (write summary of notes and link notes)
    • What is my product going to be?
    • What is my time line?
Research Nov 30
  • How my specific topic will decrease global warming or what will be a consequence to global warming pertaining to my thesis?
More Research and Analysis
  • Analyze the information you have:
    • What have I learned?
    • How does it answer your research question?
    • Do I need more information?  Data?  Graphs?  Etc. to support my learning.


Analysis Dec 1
  • Based on the information I have found from research, how can I answer my research question? Write a quick summary of answer to the question.
  • Start figuring out how to use this information for your project
Analysis Dec 2
  • Based on the information I have found from research, how can I answer my research question?
  • What physics is involved? (discuss with Mr. Bunting or classmates to help)
Work on Project Dec 3
  • Draw a rough sketch, storyboard, script of what I want to do, etc.
  • Does sketch involve all aspects of your research question and class expectations (check against the rubric)
Blog Dec 4
  • Write up second blog post:
    • How well are you doing?
      • What have I learned so far (write summary of learning and how it connects to my project question.  Link notes for evidence)
      • Are you on track?
      • Are you finding the information to answer question?
    • How well will this information answer my research question?


Anyways, the link above is on the timeline for all my research. Finally the information I have found so far are on what is global warming, how it is caused and some impacts climate change.