Physics Engineering Blog post 3

So this is the final blog post…wow… time flies as they say. Since it is the last blog post, I will be talking about the final parts of my presentation and how my organisation is going. 

Overall doing fine and I am in the process of designing still as I have been trying to find time and with the weekend coming, I think I am all set for Tuesday😉

As for my knowledge, I think this was an interesting topic and I have great hopes for my invention. Even though the idea of having sewage help generate electricity hasn’t come into play yet, I believe with our advancing tech and faith in the new generation it may be possible. 

Not only have I learnt new ideas, I also learnt about organisation is key going forward. I was pretty organised overall and with help from my dad to keep me on the right track of things my project was executed successfully. I apologise for not updating a calendar for my second blog post which doesn’t help my readers but I did keep one in my brain (but that still doesn’t help the readers either)

So you know, I hope you enjoyed reading and I will see you guys soon!!

     “Rise up to the challenge”

☝That’s a quote to take back



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One thought on “Physics Engineering Blog post 3”

  1. Hi Matthew. I really love your project. It is a very interesting project. I have learn a lot of things. I didn’t know that sewage can create electricity. I also like how you make your project more specific. You only talk about how it can help Burundi which is great.

    The only thing I think you can add to your slideshow for it to be better is that, you maybe can add more picture and also draw a little bit neater, although the draw is still great. Either way, your project is very cool and interesting. 🙂

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