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So we were tasked by tasked yet again with another Physics blog project…sigh…. This time the project was engineering whereby we are to utilise the topics from the mechanics topic we have studied and apply it into new and innovative ways to solve problems. Before coming with our final result, we were to present a driving question. What was my driving question you might ask? Well it is:

To what extent can renewable technology do to solve the electricity problem in poor countries like Burundi?

Image results for burundi electricity problemIt git me thinking, if we were going into an age of renewable energy, we have to find better ways of dealing with it and not only for countries that were having high ecological footprints or finite resources like coal or oil. Wind and solar are popular methods but they require lots of land and are expensive to build.(Also from the graph Burundi is shown to have the lowest electricity rate in all the East African countries. This is another reason why i choose to do this question)

So it got me thinking…Why not try and utilise our advancing technology into something more efficiently especially in poor countries where resources can be hard to extract or the people are less educated to know how to build technology. So that is when the next generation of idea makers and innovators come in…Us! 

Finally my final result for the project? I was thinking of doing an easy read booklet and guide on my possible invention that can help Burundi with their electricity problem. 😁


Image results for innovators and ideas

Without further a do i hope you enjoyed reading and look forward to the rest of my blogs and my final result ;D


Finally here are the dates for my blog post and final product. Sorry I didn’t include this earlier XD.

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