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Hello again everyone, I’m sorry to say the but this is my final blog post or the project. I hope you have been picking up the knowledge through my intensive research on answering my question. With that being said, lets answer the final two questions!  

(👆🏻 Google slide to my final product)

Let me show you the questions before we begin:

3. How is the Lego Company impacting climate change?


4. What is Legos solution towards solving this problem?


So lets finally finish answering the questions! So about question three, “how is the Lego Company impacting climate change?”. So there are two things two this problem: ABS plastic and production methods.

Okay, remember how I told you that they are made from petroleum? What if I told you that most of their carbon footprint comes from the extraction and the refinery of oil? Not only that, all this, producing 60 million bricks per annum.

Second reason is from the packaging which uses a lot of paper(instructions manual and boxing uses lots of paper). The third reason is actually because since they have a sponsor from shell gives them very little initiative to prevent their extraction of oil in the Arctic😱.

Coincidence?! Nope.Contract confirmed


Anyways with the third question out of the way, Lets answer the final question!


So with all the problems and dangers stated, lets grind into the solutions!(To make this quick and easy for viewers, I put all of Legos main solutions in bullet points for you)

-Lego is spending $150 million on finding a way of using a renewable material for their materials so The Lego Group has hired 100 scientists to create and figure out an alternative and sustainable material.


-Another solution is Lego is recycling their waste so they save money and keep the environment clean.



-Lego has teamed up with WWF to start using renewable energy in their factories. Example is a using wind energy in one of their factories in Denmark and Solar energy in China. Their aim is to be 100% energy use(which they did). The reason was to raise awareness for future generations that renewable energy is important.



And that ladies and gentlemen concludes my research and my question. Lets look   at the timetable I set overall



What I need to do By this date Comments


Nov 29
  • What causes global warming?
  • How will climate change impact climate in certain regions (i.e. flooding, drought, hurricanes, etc.)?


Nov 30
  • Write up first blog post:
    • What is my research question?
    • What information have I found thus far (write summary of notes and link notes)
    • What is my product going to be?
    • What is my time line?


Nov 30
  • How my specific topic will decrease global warming or what will be a consequence to global warming pertaining to my thesis?
More Research and Analysis


  • Analyze the information you have:
    • What have I learned?
    • How does it answer your research question?
    • Do I need more information?  Data?  Graphs?  Etc. to support my learning.


Dec 1
  • Based on the information I have found from research, how can I answer my research question? Write a quick summary of answer to the question.
  • Start figuring out how to use this information for your project


Dec 2
  • Based on the information I have found from research, how can I answer my research question?
  • What physics is involved? (discuss with Mr. Bunting or classmates to help)
Work on Project


Dec 3
  • Draw a rough sketch, storyboard, script of what I want to do, etc.
  • Does sketch involve all aspects of your research question and class expectations (check against the rubric)


Dec 4
  • Write up second blog post:
    • How well are you doing?
      • What have I learned so far (write summary of learning and how it connects to my project question.  Link notes for evidence)
      • Are you on track?
      • Are you finding the information to answer question?
    • How well will this information answer my research question?


There  were a some dates that I missed out because Mr Bunting actually postponed the due date for the second blog post December 6th at 8pm(which is completed). The third blog post was due today at 8 pm as well.


About meeting my goals: Not bad job actually considering I was ill(still am) and studying for my test tomorrow. Thanks for reading guys and I hope you learned something new and had fun reading.



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