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Hey guys, Matthew here again with my second blog post for the Physics project. So you guys probably remember my question(or not) and it is about how Lego is impacting global warming and what is the solutions to this. So in order to do that, I will be tackling tackling this question by question. The questions are(maybe while you are at it, why don’t you click this link some soothing, calming elevator music😄 Enjoy!II also don’t own the rights to the song so yeah😁)

1.What is global warming and its impacts.(quick recap just in case you don’t know or forgot)

2.What is the material Lego’s is made from.

3.How is the LEGO company impacting climate change?

4.What is Legos solution towards solving this problem?


Before I continue, to avoid making this blog super long, I will only be answering the first two questions. The last two questions will be answered in the third and final blog post. On that note, lets begin answering the questions!



So to answer question 1, just the click this link—>

Pretty easy right question one, now for question 2. If someone were to ask you that question, you are probably going  “Plastic?”. Sorry but that is part of the answer folks. To make this less complex, it is actually made from ABS, a triple polymer made from petroleum. But if you are curious and wondering “How is Lego made exactly?”, you have come to the right place(for a summary):


(This is ABS in a silo, weighing 33 tonnes)


(The ABS is then melted and goes these tubes)



(This is where it is moulded into any brick known to man…)




(Finally, this is where it is cooled and it goes into boxes)

And there you have it folks that is the first two questions answered. Stay tuned for the third blog post!


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