This is our second failed eco dome, and we think that the cricket died because there was not enough water for the cricket in the eco dome. We put in a container, which was 4 mm deep, and we think that very little water collected in the container because all the water, after it was condensed, ran down the sides of the eco dome container, instead of falling straight from the top of the economy. We also think that there was not enough plants in the economy, because we only put in two very big plants in the end, which we trimmed to fit inside the eco dome. We also think that it was too hot for the cricket inside the eco dome, because we only had a very small shade for the cricket and I don't think the cricket knew what it was.

This is a picture of our eco dome, and you can see the carrots, plants and shelter.

So, for our next eco dome, we will have small containers running by the side of the eco dome, to collect the water spilling at the sides so our cricket can drink that. We will also have a sponge, because our last economy survived very long with the sponge. We will also add more 2 plants, because it seems like there was not enough plants in our second eco dome.

This is a video of us discussing what went wrong for our second economy, and what we can do to fix it.

Our  eco dome is still alive and so is our cricket, but Mei and I decided to build a new one so we can improve on it. Our new eco dome is going to have : More plants(4-5), soil, carrots and not apples, two sponges, rocks, a shade or the cricket, and water.

Our first economy failed because the plants didn't have enough water, and died. We think that it also failed because The fruits (apples and carrots) rotted because there was too much moisture in the eco dome.



We, (Mei and i), made an ecodome for science class, and inside it had : carrot and apple slices, plants, a flower, shells, rocks, and a sponge for water, and a cricket. This is what the plants in our eco dome looked like :

Today ( 3/11/17 ) we closed the ecodome with one cricket inside.

Today ( 7/11/17 ), out cricket is sill alive, but out flower wilted. The cricket seems to have eaten some of the fruit and vegetable pieces. Some of the fruit and vege pieces had too much moisture in them and kind of decomposed. There is a lot of condensation on the top and sides of the container. The plants seems to be doing well, and are alive.

Today (9/11/17 ), our cricket is still very much. and so are the plants. The apples are rotting, but the carrots look fine. There is also condensation on the sides and top of the container. The flower is rotting as well, so I think that for the next eco dome we won't put one.