For me, spring break is not as interesting as winter break because we just had 1 week for spring break so I went to Eric's house. I rang a bell and I ran away. I really want to know why I didn't get caught by the security. I also went swimming with my friends. That was really fun.

Have you ever hear about insect burger. That sound is very disgusting, but some people after trying this food. They are very surprised because how tasty and delicious it is. When you look at that burger. You will think is that chicken burger. The insect burger idea is from Swiss store. Swiss store is the store that having a lot of idea from making food by an insect.

After the first bite, you just wanna keep eating it because how good it is. That's sound very scary. But after the first bite. Some people if you didn't say that is the insect burger. That will think that is a chicken burger or beef burger. You never believe that you just take a bit of insect burger. Swiss store said that this burger has a lot of nutrients that you need.

The scientist creates the burger said that for this burger you don't need to eat it with vegetable,  but it will still give you enough nutrient that you need.

Frist time, I know about English is some bad words. When I was young. In the Lunar New Year, my aunt, uncle, and my cousin went to visit my family. My cousin, they just speak English and Chinese. I heard them speak English with each other. They spoke English because they knew that no one can understand them. They talked with each other in English a lot. At that young, I was about two years old I think.I just remembered the world that I heard and I thought it'll be really easy to spoke. I remember the one really bad word.

I thought that cyberbullying not that dangerous. After I study about cyberbullying, I think that I was wrong because of cyberbullying very dangerous not for me but for everyone.I know that protect myself from cyberbullying. To know what I need to tell my parent when I get bullying and help someone that get bullying go out of it.The biggest takeaway from my class discussions about the topic cyberbullying is to help someone that get cyberbullying go out of it and help them protect themselves.

Students should be responsible what they are doing on the internet . To save them account. One reason is that it make the students feel uncomfortable and unsafe.  To illustrate, student A is the new student . She adds her new friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some day after, her friends sent her some harassing messages. They tried to hack into her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and screenshot her private messages and pictures. She tried to not care about it but she couldn’t. She made away with oneself. Her parents were really upset. They didn't know why she did that. They tried to find out why she did that. They asked the policies to be involved. The policies found out that her friends were bullier . Asked her friends why they did that with her. They said that because they like to bullied some new students should help payback for what them parents said with them . I think that cyber bullying sometimes they are feeling bad about something especially are them parents. I think that them parents do something with them but not think about them feeling. They try to make it on the new person or that think she or he will not attack back . I think the parents should not let them children in trouble because this stuff. I think they should sit down and talk about it. The parents try to not shout at them children. That can make them more streets and do it again .


School   should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies because that can help students focus at what they study and make them feel safe when they study at school.  For example,  “.If the students worry about cyberbullying. They can't focus to anything . They just focus that where is the bullier..”  (The New Bully at School). School should protect the student from cyber bullying. That can help the students feel that school is the safe place to come and study not to come to scared and not study anything. School should help them to get a great education and protect them from cyberbullying. Therefore, school should know what their students doing on internet. That could help them to know what the students doing on internet and help them.