I like that my sculpture is customized by my likings, so the basketball really expresses me, the colors of the sculpture also match nicely. During the process of making the sculpture, I learned the skill to spray paint and how to align shapes to not look weird. If I could do this again, I probably would've make the shape look more like a basketball and I really wished I could've added more colors. 

In my opinion, I have improved explaining my thinking because I learned how numbers operate and that's how I can explain. But in the pretest, I lack evidence because by looking at my explanation the person looking still has to solve a few things in their head. Unfortunately, I forgot to do an explanation on my second question. In the second test, I explained how I got my numbers. I used mathematical language, I followed the Order of Operations to solve my answers and I showed how the Oder of Operations make my explanations true.

Week victories: 

  • I also learned how to start off a story in a way that would give a good reader a hint about the ending. I also learned to use multiple timelines in my story and to connect every timeline together.
  • I was able to make a new 20-hour project in time and I will slowly catch up to the others. This week I learned how to make a good marshmallow muffin/cupcake.


I had to reorganize my whole schedule for my new 20-hour project which was very difficult because my schedule was very busy.

It was also extremely challenging cooking for the first time and I had many fails.

Intentional excellence 

I have put in intentional effort by trying to add new knowledge that I learned into my real writing. I also put intentional on reading by reading consistently every night, four chapters.

I have also tried my hardest in cooking and doing research and buying ingredients to cook. I also learn from my mistakes every time I cook.

Small goal ( next week )

My goal next week in the 20-hours challenge is to be able to cook a meal without using packaged food. In writing, I'm pushing to be able to start off my second timeline. In reading, I'm trying to finish reading my book.

Core value

I connected to the core value by pushing myself to use new techniques I learned and make it useful. I also set small goals I must achieve every time I do anything.