In Tet break, I really have no plans, but I think I'm just gonna play video games and relax. Maybe our family is having a party, but I'm not sure. I think that I'll also play with my friends, run around, swim, and more. I can also meet my friends in CIS if possible because they are also having a break too. I hope that we will watch the Korean movie " With the God", but it is very famous and I want to watch that movie. I'm  still going to do my home work and study like reading books, but my plan is to play more because it is only one week break. 🦀

The Republic of Korea in Busan has opened a festival, which is the first time of doing it, and which its called a Yang Ja Yu in Korean. It means the freedom of the sheep.


In 2018 Jan 15th in Republic of Korea, they planned to have a sheep freedom because a government official Billy Jeanary Clinton, thought that sheeps are too stuck on the farm.


The first person who said this idea was from the farm and his name was MC Donald Trump, who was 101 years old when he had his favorite sheep who had worked with him for 11 years and died by the diseases. The sheep never got out of the farm, and she died. Then before MC Donald Trump died, he had a dreamed to have this festival.


According to the women named Billy Jeanary Clinton, who is from the government, found out that actually MC Donald Trump killed that sheep because he was just too sad to see his favorite sheep dying from the disease.


Now 2018 Jan 17th on 12:30 AM in Republic of Korea, they planned to have the first festival of the whole universe, which is infinity or very big. In this festival, other people give delicious food to sheep, decorate sheep, and celebrate their sheep for working hard in the farm.


In fact, after having this festival, it seems as if sheep are working harder and look happier after having a good time, which means that the government Billy Jeanary Clinton and other Korean people decided to continue this festival.


This festival is celebrated every year on Jan 17th on 12:30, so that sheep can be happy / more hardworking.


My highlight in WWW was zip lining because I'm scared of hights, but I made it to the top of the week looking building.

Firstly, when we were testing, I thought that zip lining was very boring., but at the first level of the zip lining, it was very long. I underestimated zip lining. However, it wasn't fast. In the second level of zip lining, it was very fast, and it was very awesome to go through to tree leaf. We also crossed the lake, and again, I underestimated the speed of zip lining. For the third one, we went up the longest, fastest, and the best part of the zip lining.  Last part, I was too scared because I needed to go up the week looking tower which is very tall, and I sang a song to stop the scariness in my mind. It was very fun, and my voice went out because I sang a song too much and too loud.

What is my goal?

My goal next time is to use more academic vocabularies that we learned in this class, and have less than 3 mistakes




For vocabularies, I can study more to thoughtfully perfectly understand what is this word and how to use it. For less mistakes, I will read out loud to fix my work and go slowly check as much as I can


Schools should be accountable for disciplining cyber bullies, because Cyberbullying is a enormous problem that can make  other people unacceptable. One reason is that Cyberbullying is bad because it  makes a huge problem if its getting worst. For example, Student A can hack into Student B’s account, and spreads Student B’s privacy of his/her ugly faces. Student B can’t focus on school because he/she is keep thinking about an awful thing that happen. This shows that School teachers have strong authority to stop someone from cyberbullying by protecting their students. As a result, school should be responsible to stop their students from getting cyberbully.

Schools should be accountable for punishing cyberbullies because lots of students are having trouble of getting cyberbullied, and it is hard for them to solve the issue alone. According to the article, cyberbullying is the highest bar in the graph of percentage of teenagers, which shows lots of students are having problems with cyberbullying. However, they can’t get help in the school if the school is not responsible for cyberbullying. ( Should school be responsible for punishing cyberbullies). The evidence suggests that most students are having a problem, and schools needs to get involved in this issue. One Example is that when students are having trouble at the school, they will need to get help from someone. However, they also want to solve it by themselves because they don’t want other people to check their secrets and privacy. Then students will not tell their parents and when school sees that cyberbullying is happening to the student, they can help their students. It affects students by causing stress, and it also causes anger when schools don’t help students. They will not go to school, so students will become very depressed. It will get worse and worse, and they could even become suicidal. Therefore, Schools should be responsible for cyberbullying because this problem is hard for students to solve it by themselves, and teachers have a strong authority to protect their students.

What new insights do you have into cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before?

My insights is that cyberbullying is very harmful to the victims, and I really think that schools need to be responsible for cyberbullying because they have strong authority to stop cyberbullying. I did not know that cyberbullying is very harmful, I thought that it is not a huge problem and nobody is cyber bullying, but it wasn’t true

What did you try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?

I tried to use lots of academic vocabularies and not to get more than 13 mistakes. It made me successful because I was keep thinking to use academic vocabulary, and after writing, I read out loud to get no mistakes

What is your biggest take-away from our class discussions about this topic? Why?

My biggest take-away from our class discussion is when my friends asked other people to make everyone speak, and we was very respectful that we did not cut others when they are saying.