Some people in our world may dream of being a celebrity or traveling all over the world. Some may dream to be a father or a CEO. When I was young, I always dreamed to be on television, acting with one of the most handsome men in Korea. Still, I do desire to meet with (actually "date" :)) Park Bog-gum who is my favorite actor, but I have more desirable things. "To walk on a beautiful street in Italy, wearing the most unique but fantastic fashion, holding a cup of Americano." I could not remember any inspiration for the reason why I am holding such an extraordinary dream. However, this is the thing that I must do and I will do before I leave the world. At this point, I would like to add some more nuts and bolts portraying my dream. On Christmas, to visualize my dream, I drew a picture of myself walking graciously on the Italian street. I was wearing 15cm heels, fancy sunglasses that may be worn by a celebrity, and wearing a red-diamond patterned coat. I am certain that I would implement my plan in the future.

Walking dead at cafe in the Republic of Korea

Lindsey Lee

Feb. 6th. 2018

                                                                             > 17 students are lying inside their coffins


Seventeen Korean teenagers are lying inside the coffins, celebrating the funeral with their portrait and one candlelight. On June 16th, 2017 the teenage non-profit organization, All of Us, hosted the camp at the Seoul-Kangnam Healing Center, targeting only for 11 to 18 years-old teenagers. The camp lets them experience their own funeral, which allows them to realize that their lives are precious.


The camp lasted for 3 days, the organization offered the exact same funeral procedures, so that the applicants could feel the realistic mood being died. Chae-won Park, the headmaster of the organization mentioned her goal, and what she was aiming for during our interview. She examined that the organization is still working hard dealing with the campaign, which is based on the steady theme; We Love Ourselves & Our Lives. This camp was considered as her best pride, and she was willing to share the emotions, how precious our lives are with the youngsters who are in the middle of puberty.


Image result for 임종체험 According to a student from Kang-nam middle school, 2nd grader Hong Gil-dong said, “Um.. through this camp, I think I lost 10 buckets of tears, I cried..a lot actually.. Hehe. The most memorable moment was definitely when I was lying inside the coffin. It was fresh, shocking, and awful feeling, which I’ve never experienced before. I realized how my life and myself valuable are, and I also noticed I was mature enough to feel the love of my priceless family. Though I fight with my sister every day.”


Gil-dong was not the only person who was perfectly touched by Mrs. Park’s special campaign. Mr. Moon, the president of the Republic of Korea, uploaded a lasting message on his twitter, which encompasses his great appreciation towards the association, considering about the nation’s major incompleted-task.


According to the lasting post, teenager suicide placed one of the most serious political problems these days. Due to the excessive enthusiasm about the education of general public’s, which gives the students steep burden, which leads them to commit a suicide. The issue is deeply being considered by the national assembly and government.


As the more citizens are putting their interests in the value of living life, the more people are desiring to join the camp and campaign. The nuts and bolts about the details to apply the organization can be found in

ㅣThird attempt! Observations reportㅣ- Dec. 5th


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning
1. Rich dark, decomposing fibrous soil 3cm to 6cm To keep the plants alive. Provide moisture/water
2. Plants-grasses, flower, fern 4 grass plants, To make oxygen for cricket
4. 2 crickets One small, one large  One died on Dec. 11th
5. Apple One medium slice, cut into tiny cubes Give them nutrients
6. 5 small pieces of charcoals 6.8g Give them necessary amount of carbon
8. Small Rocks 15 rocks Provide shelter and nutrients
9. Water 10 sprays onto dark soil Moisture to keep plants alive and help give oxygen

EAL Writing 2.1 + 2.4

Schools should be accountable for discipling cyber bullies when they harass someone’s emotions, and ruin their academic status.  When students suffer from being as victims, they become depressed. Therefore it will damage their mental health, while they are growing up. Furthermore, since they can’t focus on their school work because of the stressful life, it will affect their academic status, which can be significant to their future. To illustrate, in my old school, some students had to attend at the emergency conference with their parents, because of the cyber bullying, such as posting embarrassing pictures of victims. Fortunately, they didn’t go to police, but they got punishment from the school. This shows that how cyberbullying can ruin our normal life, either of bullies and victims. As a result, schools should be responsible for cyber bullies, because they not only harass victims’ emotions, and ruin their academic status but also it will affect the bullies negatively. Since the cyber bullying damage the normal life of student, the suitable institution have a responsibility to solve the problems.

Parents should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies because the bullies are not perfectly mature.

In Crime and Punishment, Lucas Chen said that a bully’s parents sued the school because the school principal suspended their daughter for posting her friend’s private video. The evidence suggests that not only school but also bullies’ parents are deeply considering about their kids’ life, such as coming to teacher-parents conference. These examples illustrate that the parents can act more powerfully than schools do, such as suing the school back. Given the evidence, it is logical that parents can affect the students easily such as, talking with them how violating people can terribly harass theirselves. Since suspend the students can lead them to think they are hopeless to get better, therefore communication is the better way to change their behavior. Therefore, the parents should be accountable for let their children be involved in the cyberbullying because they are people who can affect the students the most.

Mission! Saving Georgy and Beverly, the crickets! In this unit, we're going to learn about the ecosystem. From food chain to food web, from eco-dome to ecosystem, we will learn the relationship between one and another species through building our own eco-dome and crickets, the biotic factor that we suppose to let them survive. I hope I can learn the rope of circumstances of the overall ecosystem and various kinds of interactions.

Here is what I planned.


ㅣFirst attempt! Observations reportㅣNov.7th

Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
1. Two crickets One died 2 days after, and another died after 4 days
2. Plant-grass and small flowers(rose moss) 3 flower plants, 2 grass plants, To make oxygen for cricket. The 3 flowers bloomed. And the plants made humidity.
3. Carrots and cabbage A small handful To give a cricket nutrients. The cabbage changed its color
4. Rich dark soil  5cm To keep the plants alive. Provide moisture/water Too much moisture it condensed on the wall.
5. Fine, decomposing fibrous soil 1 cm on-top of dark soil Could have bacteria that give nitrates to the plant Smells moldy.
6. Decomposing leaves and grass (on top of dark soil) 1 cm layer Could have bacteria that give nitrates to the plant They smashed and slightly wilted.
7. Charcoal Log 12 cm long

About 40g

Pure carbon could help with the carbon cycle inside our eco-dome (plants use carbon and release oxygen) It was a great shelter for crickets.
8. Rocks and charcoal piece A dozen Provide shelter and nutrients, more carbon? Charcoal absorbed some moisture, but there wasn't a big change.



 <- Water condensed

   <- The grass plants became taller

 <- The flower plants bloomed

 <- The carrots and cabbages almost rotted





Unfortunately, Georgy and Beverly, our two crickets died.

The food they ate: Cabbage, carrot, a few leaves.

-The date they died: Georgy 4 days after, Beverly 1 day after.

- The small changes: After a few days, in a completely locked container, the plants (3 flowers and 2 grass plants) kept doing photosynthesis and respiration. Through those activities, the water bubbles condensed on the wall of the eco-dome. Furthermore, the carrots and cabbages were not "rotted" but smelled like moldy, or almost rotted, not fresh. The charcoal log was wet because of the humidity, but its size or color wasn't changed.

- The big changes: One of the biggest changes I've seen, is the bloom of flowers. After 3 days, I noticed that the length of the grass and the size of the flower became taller and bigger. I guessed that it means, the more water and oxygen were released. Maybe too much moisture.

-Problems: In my point of view, the main points that killed two crickets were, first, too much CO2, second, too much moisture. I suspect charcoal log as the main factor which released an excessive amount of carbon. Moreover, through the transpiration of the plants, the wet atmosphere might kill the crickets, too.

-Improvements: First of all, I will get rid of charcoal, or reduce the quantity. Second of all, reduce the quantity of the plants, to reduce the amount of water that is being condensed. Furthermore, maybe carrot and cabbage is not the best idea for crickets since there are 2 options, get rid of it, or change the menu, I will try the former one first.

"Let make our second eco-dome!"

video -

[CWS-Correct Words Sequence]

Topic - Write about the thorns and roses of the week without walls ----------------------------------

This “week without wall” was my second field trip with my friends in this year. Last March, I’ve already been to Seoul in my old school. At that time, I was not close with my classmates because it was the first month of a new semester. No doubt that I couldn’t make many memories. Therefore, I was concerned a lot about the trip, which I had to spend 5 long days with the new friends and the teachers. To make matters worse, Mrs. Burger, the principal was in charge of our bungalow. However, honestly, she was really nice to us that she promised to give us some hot chocolate and snacks, which could make us feel excellent. On the first day, I was really tired because of the airplane and being carsick on the bus. Furthermore, I couldn’t sleep well due to the freezing room. I wore winter clothes to keep myself warm, but they didn’t help me at all. On the next morning, I felt something like a dagger inside my head.


GOAL : As I was checking my mistakes, I found out that majority of them were non-organized sentences. I noticed that I had only 8 mins to write, so it’s not TERRIBLY SERIOUS problems. Therefore, I promised myself that I will be ‘keep calm and carry on’.

Welcome, Mum & Babes!

ㅣSecond attempt! Observations reportㅣ- Nov.13th


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
1. Crickets 2 One died after 10 days, and another died after 11 days. Before they died, their activeness level was really low, barely moved.
2. Plant-grass 2 grass plants, To make oxygen for cricket Their leaves became a little wane, but still alive. They released a great amount of water and oxygen to the atmosphere inside the eco-dome.
4. Rich dark soil and  Fine, decomposing fibrous soil  5cm and 1cm layer  To keep the plants alive. Provide moisture/water Stay same, but they were not perfectly wet. They were worked-well as cricket’s shelter.
5.Decomposing leaves and sand 1 cm on-top of dark soil Could have bacteria that give nitrates to the plant Smelled like moldy, no color changed.
6. 2 small pieces of charcoals 6.6g Give them necessary amount of carbon A little wet after a few days, but the size was same.
8. Small Rocks 15 rocks Provide shelter and nutrients, more carbon. It kept the balance of base and soil by adding more weigh in particular area.
9. Water 40 sprays onto dark soil Moisture to keep plants alive and help give oxygen Evaporated to the atmosphere and formed water bubbles.



 <- Dark + decomposing + fibrous soil

 <- Water condensed on the wall

 <- No big changes


Unfortunately.. Babes died after 10 days.

AND..  eventually... Mum died on Friday, Nov. 24th



Mummy and Babes, our two crickets died again.

- The food they ate: A few leaves from the plants.

-The date they died: Babes after 10 days, Mum after 11 days.

- The small changes: As I expected, based on the last lesson, the water and/or moisture condensed on the wall of the transparent container, so I could barely see inside. Moreover, after 11 days, the scent of the inside was moldy and likely rotted food. I thought the water-absorbed soil released that smell since there was no hole that water can be evaporated.

- The big changes: The biggest and the best change compare to the last time is the lifespan of our cricket. Compare to the last time, Mum and Babes lived almost 10 days longer than Georgy and Beverly. I think the proper humidity (by removing some plants) is the main factor that helped two crickets be alive.

-Problems: none

-Improvements: Overall, our second eco-dome was really satisfying. We made a great development, so we can apply most of the components that we've tried in this attempt. But still, we need to try one more thing. Tracing back to the last blog post, we had 2 choices, first, not putting food or second, changing the menu. Since we've checked the result of the first choice, in the next try, I will put some food, but not carrot and cabbage, for instance, a few slices of apple.

"Let make our second eco-dome!"

video -

Unfortunately, Georgy and Beverly, our two crickets died.

The white one, we named Beverly died in one day after we transfer it into our eco-dome, and the black one, named Georgy died after 4 days.

Bridget and I guessed we put too much charcoal log which release carbon. Rest of it, such as the humidity, the amount of layer of soil and plants, food were ok.

"Let make our second eco-dome! Without charcoal!"