Andy’s journey

I am a drop of water formed when the rain dropped down. While I was traveling, I met few new friends which will go on the journey with me. Their name was Tony and Ji Won.

I was always wandering around in oceans and seas and looked at some sea animals. But then, the sun rose up and heat my friends and I, even other water. This was my first experience of the evaporation. The evaporation is when the water turns into a water vapor by the heat. Tony, Ji Won and I noticed we were transforming in to a water vapor. I recognized that the water cycle only works when there is the water to evaporate. Us three was in the new world in the sky. Once we got through, we were munched into a cloud as well with other water vapor. And that step is called the Condensation. We were flying around in the sky, visiting some countries which has no problem with water like U.S.A to U.K. But as we were moving on, we saw Africa without any trees, no wells, and people kneeling down to the people who died. The people had no water to drink and when they had it, it wasn’t clean. So they had to walk few miles everyday. OH! Then suddenly one cloud was running into us and made a large thunder sound. After that, as an earthquake but on the sky, every water vapor turned into water again, but some in the far distance could have been a snow depends on the weather. Ji Won was reminding two of us that we were falling in to the water treatment plant.

The water treatment plant is where dirty water like river water turns into a clean and drinkable. We were first passing through the step which was filtering the big trash. I nearly got left behind with the trash but my friends helped me to stay with them. As we were sliding through the water, we felt much better without those trash. Then we were sent to a place where the limestone powder are put in to change the pH. The sand formed some bubble and I was floating around like when someone puts you up and down. Ji Won, Tony and I were in the final step where people keeps their water to send it to the city or keep it to themselves. We were kept in the fresh water which was even more clean than the swimming pool. When the water filtering system sent us to the city to let the people use, we were in a great mood. Imagining how we will get used. In the pipe, we saw dirty water and clean water which got wasted. We arrived in a house in the drinking filter. We could hear the baby crying, and we suddenly got out of the filter and got wasted down the sink. I think the person wanted to wash the cup, but this was such a waste of water. Then the person couldn’t get additional water to drink. And I came through the pipe and went back to my house, the ocean. And I guess that this happened more than twice.

So my conclusion is to not waste water and think that you are lucky to have enough water. Like the Africans, they can’t make the water cycle go on because it has no water to heat up. The problem could be the global warming. So to save the water, you should use water wisely and for example, you could do a short shower, short washing hands and not doing water fight. These are all the fun activities, but these

are the main reasons which wastes water. So I wish that you could save water and use them wisely, so that you wouldn’t be in danger of thirst.

Thanks 🙂

During this year, I have learned about one point perspective and two point perspective. I was very interested in how something goes smaller and smaller to the vanishing point. It looked very easy, but it had hard techniques and it was very hard. Also I learnt about shading. The sun would be the opposite side of the shading. For example, if the shade is at the left, the sun has to be at the right because the sun does not shine everywhere. But I think that I need to try how to draw some buildings look more realistic by using a ruler so that I could make the top of the building connected to the vanishing point.




D-3 of the vacation

My grandparents came to Vietnam for the moon festival holiday, and I was very excited to see them because I have been calling them for every three days since two weeks and a half ago. When I went to the airport to pick them up, I was very sleepy to go out on night. But I tried to stay awake. I went out with my dad and it looked very cool when my grandparents came out the gate. I greeted them and went back home happily. When we stepped into our room, my mom, sister was also very happy but especially our dog, Shushu. We ate some fruits and watched something Tv show and a day pasted very quick.

D-2 / looking around in school

Today is Saturday and we were planning to visit our school, SSIS. My mom went to the dental clinic, so we had to go without her, but with Shushu. We first looked around in the atrium. My grandparents got very curious how my classroom looks like. We went up the stairs and I started feel happy to show my room to my family. My dad, grandfather and Shushu went down first, and my sister showed me and my grandmother her room where she learns Chinese. I was very amazed that she learns on the same floor as mine. Then we had a look around the middle school and the elementary school building. They were so Nice and I wanted to go there although I did before. All six were together again and we took place in the cafe where you can buy drinks even with your pets in. I was worried if Shushu can’t come in, but after I knew that pets were allowed, I felt happy. After lunch, our family decide to attend Mass on Saturday instead of Sunday because I played piano during the Mass. My grandparents werevery happy to hear. Then we ate our dinner with my dad’s friend in the seafood restaurant. It was very delicious and I wanted to eat more but my stomach did not let me…. Then we went back to our home, I took a shower and slept quickly after a tiring day!

D-1 of the Danang vacation.

When I woke up from the night, everyone was awake. I hurried and started to get change and we headed to the Bitexco tower which is the highest in Vietnam. We saw the whole view of the city. After that we were walking through the city and found a shop called ‘Moji’. It had Korean KPOP stickers and some Kakao friends. It was what I wanted to get before. I picked up a doll named Ryan and we went to eat our lunch which was delicious. When we came back early to prepare our trip to Danang tomorrow. I did some homework and slept early for a busy day tomorrow.

First day in Danang

Today we went to the airport and I took my doll named Ryan to my vacation. We set off and took an airplane which was feeling quite weird. My ears were feeling like a wall blocking air through. My dad held my hand which felt much better. The airplane took off, I got my hamburger out and started to fill my empty stomach as my lunch. When the airplane landed on Danang after and hour and a half of journey, me and my sister saw something cool that we could not stay calm. It was a same view as the Ho Chi Minh City that I am living! Soon we got a taxi and started to move to our hotel, “Hyatt regency”. Our family went to the lobby to check in. But as I walk around, I thought, ‘Danang is a country of Vietnam and how is there supposed to be this much Koreans?’ My dad told me it is because Danang is a famous relaxing place in Korea after 



the introducing on a Korean TV program, so lots of Koreans visit here every year. I met a person called Mr. Dodi who looked nice and actually he was. I felt relaxed and started to introduce myself. I knew that we were knowing each other. Then my grandparents and my sister called me to get a buggy. Buggy was a small car that would take us to our room. Our room was in residence D which was quite far from the lobby, but we felt soft wind on the buggy When the employee helped us to get to our room, all six of us was excited especially me. I stepped in with my sister and found a long hallway. it was quite not what I want, so I was  depressed. But then, two ways shined into my eyes and saw a big area what everyone needs. Water, bed, desk, sofa, TVs and a huge 

bathroom. During my mother organizing the baggage, me, dad and my grandfather went out to the swimming pool beside the beach. I tried to show off my swimming skills, but as I did not swim for long time, I could not swim fast. My dad pulled me into the beach and it had some big waves. I started to cough and threw a bunch of sands to my dad. This was repeating and soon we went back to our room for dinner at the steakhouse, Babylon is famous in Danang beside beautiful beach called ‘The Miche beach’. After dinner back hotel. Today was a long journey, I fell asleep without even lying down properly.

My second day / visit to Ba Na hills

Today, I went to the Ba Na hills, which was a relaxing place for French when Vietnam was their colony in the past. When I looked around, the only thing I saw was mountains and shops. So I asked my momwhat happened and she said that all the fun things are up the mountains after we get a cable car. My family went up the mountain with the cable car and saw beautiful trees, and sceneries. When we arrived on the top, we first got on the railcar. It was my second after my experience in Singapore few years ago. It was a perfect thrill ride. Then we split into two groups so that we can move quick and easy. Our group first went to the  gyro-drop. My belt was not tighten well so I thought that I could fly away. My dad did not join us, when my sis and I went to find him, he was in a motorcycle race. My dad gave some money to my sister to 

let her have some massage. While that, we played shooting game and it was scary because it had zombies and some bugs which I hate a lot. After that, we saw a short clip of 4D and went on a 5D show and hunted some gangs. They were not that fun, but at least I learnt what 5D was. Then our destination was the glass maze. The walls were transparent so I bumped on it several time. I suggested  to go on a bumper car but I got no time to stop in there because my dad and my sister were chasing me. When it was 3pm, we went back the same way, but it was foggy for a while and I noticed that this cable car was the second longest which is a newfact. We had a early dinner in the Vietnam most famous restaurant called ‘MadameLan.’ I ate Vietnamese traditional noodle called ‘Pho’ and ate an unfamiliar food called ‘Banh Xeo’. Those food were not that bad, but I enjoyed todays dinner. But today, we decided to go to the beach, but the day got dark, so we did not. Tomorrow we will look at the sunrise which I look at it once in a blue moon.

Third day in Danang / Hoi An visit.

Today our whole family went to the beach on the early morning to see the sunrise at around 6 am. I felt very excited because our family only look at it on the new year. I was very happy because this was my first time to see a sunrise with my grandparents. Me and my dad, sister and my mom swam in the water and splashed some was. After swimming, we got changed into our normal clothes and went to the marble mountain. We were very worried that it will take a long time to go to the top, but thank god that they had an elevator. we saw the whole mountain in the elevator and saw some trees and marble. On the top, there were caves\and tower. Our grandparents and us went into the cave and saw some Vietnamese people praying. The roof of this cave, there was a big hole made by the other country while war. I felt tired after walking for several minutes. When I got home after walking a lot, I got sweaty and even dad and grandad. All six of us had a rest for a long time and we headed to Hoi An the ancient city. Everyone was excited and the first thing we did was making a wish on  the boat and leave the candle on the river. I don’t know why my grandparents did not do this. So only 4 of us went on the boat to make a wish. Then we went to buy some souvenirs for our cousins. While walking around, we saw some pretty lights and lanterns and they looked even better when they were together. My sis and I soon got bored and wanted to sit somewhere like a cafe to play on our phone and so did our grandparents. But we went to a night market and looked around if there is something to buy. But only thing we bought was a simple food and I thought is was very disappointing. We moved our heavy foot forward and forward to the cafe. The time pasted very quick when I was playing on my phone. So we had to go back and had a last night in Danang. I don’t think that Hoi An is that fun but it was a great experience for me!    

The last day in Danang

As today was the last day of Danang, we went to the swimming pool to play. I played on the waterslide and found out how to slide well. Then I felt very good to relax in the water. My older sister seemed very happy ‘cause it was her first visit to the pool since she was sick for the whole trip. When it started to rain, the best weather while swimming, our family ran into the beach and threw some sand to each other. I was thinking of nothing as we played together. While my dad was relaxing on the sand, my sister and I played on the waves. The wind was strong and the rain got stronger, the waves splashed even more. So we could not hold ourselves. But my sister noticed that if we put our hands in the sand, we won’t move. So I did that and felt something in my hands. Was it a rock? It was a small shell. My dad saw me and started to find some of it. Soon we caught three and went back to our hotel rooms. The normal schedule of the airplane that we would take was at 3:40. So my family was all excited to see our dog, Shushu. But it got delayed to 5:55 because of the heavy storm at the north. So I was very disappointed. So my dad made a new plan to have a foot massage. I went there with Ryan, the doll. I guess that you should visit that place once because I knew that this feeling was trained for a long time. After an hour of relaxing, we were feeling very simple. No where hurting or painful, we kept that feeling for the whole trip. When we got into the airport, me and sister started to feel sad. The time felt so quick and three nights were like one night. We were in deep thinking for a moment. When I looked at my watch, it was a perfect time for me because I could play some games on my phone. I sat beside my grandparents while my sister called me and ran somewhere. It was a fast food shop named ‘Burger King’. She bought me a cheese stick which I wanted to eat for the whole trip. We sat on a chair and played until it was our boarding time. I felt very sleepy after a non sleep for a whole day even in the massage. After an hour, we landed on Ho Chi Minh City safely and happily. We took a car and picked up our dog from the other house. I felt very happy but sleepy on the other hand. I decided to take a sleep straight away after showering, but I woke up entirely when the water came into my face. I think that this vacation to Danang was very fun even more with my grandparent’s visit to Vietnam. I wish that I could go to another vacation again with my grandparents or with my cousins.

Hi every one,

This year is my first year at SSIS and nice to meet you! My name is Andy, 11 years old and I am from Korea.I was living in China before coming into Vietnam for 8 years. I am enjoying the school right now, hoping that it will be better. If you have any question about me, please ask me and I will be pleased to answer it.  And I hope you have enjoyed it and see you next time. BYE!