Today I got my pretest and my real test I did two days ago back from my class teacher. While I was comparing the two tests I noticed a big difference.In my pretest I only wrote the answer without explaining but i the real test I explained specifically and easy so the teacher can easily read it. I was proud of myself because I had a better score at the real test than the pretest. And that means I learned something and I was abled to prove that.

VICTORIES OF THE WEEK: While doing the 20 hour project on Tuesday my blueberry muffins it when I was tasting the muffins I was very happy and proud because the the muffins wasn't too sweet, or mingling, or thin. It was right in the middle so it tasted very delicious.

CHALLENGE FOR NEXT WEEK:Because I did almost all he muffins that doesn't have toppings on top which had fruits and other mains inside the muffins, now I want to do a challenge which making my own decorations and toppings and decorate the muffins.

WHAT THINGS DID YOU DO TO IMPROVE PURSUIT OF EXELLENCE? At math time even though I didn't know it I didn't get scared and tried my best.

WHAT IS YOUR SMALL GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK? I wish I can take risk and try many ways to play while on the donut in the big top with my friends.