second attempt:


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Observations
plants 3 (stems) For oxygen and for the crickets to eat Bloomed flowers from last ecodome
rock 1 For the crickets to climb on Crickets started exploring with rocks and charcoal
charcoal 1 piece For the crickets to climb on ll
water 75 ml To help the plants grow and for the plants to use for hydration Condensated and fogged up the container. Waterdrops are visible on plant leaves.
Black soil 5 cm So the plants can grow Looks moist
lettuce 3 small pieces Starter food for the crickets Crickets started to eat
crickets 2 They look active

(all shown in photo below)

When we first made the video, we thought that both of our crickets where dead but later we found one of them that hadn't been covered in dirt and is still alive which lived for a about one week before it died. We think this is because of lack of food or oxygen since all the lettuce was buried in the soil and most of the plants were dying because their roots got pulled out.

Third Attempt:

Failed Ecodome

(view from outside)

Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Black soil + 50ml water 4 cm To nourish plants and keep them alive. This was very helpful in the first ecodome so we used it again. Water made the container condensate and fogged up
Charcoal One medium piece For the crickets to climb on The crickets liked to stand on the charcoal
Rock One medium rock (a bit smaller than charcoal) For the crickets to sit on The crickets went on it sometimes but seemed to prefer the charcoal
mulch Two tablespoons For food and/or growing plants. Wasn’t as useful so we might leave it out for the next rebuild The crickets don’t really like mulch
plants Two stems For oxygen and food. The plants stayed alive so the water and soil might’ve contributed to that They stayed alive the whole time and now, after the crickets died, they are starting to wilt.

(All shown in Photo below)

1st Rebuild

(view from inside)

(view from outside)

First Ecodome

(view form outside)

Component Amount inch Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Rich Soil + water 4 cm + 150ml water The soil will help keep the plants healthy and growing so the grasshoppers can eat the plants for food.  The water in the soil made the ecodome really condensated
wood 7 cm (tall) According to a website grasshoppers like to eat decaying wood and also like to climb on wood  The grasshoppers liked the wood but didn't eat it.
Other Assorted Plants 3 cm (tall) This is also for the grasshoppers to eat and to maintain a good ecosystem The plants stayed healthy at first but later died
Mulch 2-3 cm (tall) This is for the grasshoppers to eat. The mulch will also eventually break down and add nutrients to the soil.  They didn't like the mulch

(All shown in photo above)