In Social Studies, we learnt about the Geography and Human Settlement in Ancient Egypt. In this topic, I learnt that the deserts protected people from invaders. I thought that the deserts were useless but now I know that it is not that useless. I also learnt that the Nile River floods each year making the soil fertile. I didn't think that it was useful for farmers and it would destroy the crops but I was wrong. I learnt that Reeds and Papyruses are natural vegetation. I thought that people planted them. The things that I am proud of in my project is that I have a little village near my Nile River. Although I did not make it, I am proud that I have found it. I am also proud that I have a long Nile River. I like the size of it, long and thin. The one thing I would do differently in this project is to make my Mediterranean sea larger. I think it is quite small and the Nile River I made is nearly the same size as my Mediterranean Sea. So next time I would make it three times larger than my Nile River.