Last Thursday, our Vietnamese class did a presentation about our families. I learned about how some words look the same, but they sound different because of the tones. In the presentation, I talked about how many people there are, how old they are and what they like to do and eat. I was nervous and I didn't speak loudly enough. My friends said that I had a lot of details, I answered the questions well in Vietnamese and I made eye contact well. I think I need to speak loudly and clearly.

On the weekend, I practiced basketball with my dad, my brother and my friends and it was very fun. We practiced layups, three point shots and dribbling. For soccer, I went to a club and played soccer for 2 hours. It was very tired but fun. I also watched a movie called Big Foot and it was very fun. Have a good day!

This weekend was the Vietnamese National Day, (the 2nd of September) so we relaxed a lot. It's really good! I had to go to the soccer club, but it was the Vietnamese National Day, so I didn't go to the soccer club. We went to District 1 and ate dinner there. Today, my family and I are going to a 5 star hotel buffet and I'm very excited!