N.A.I.G the energy saving prototype

In our last Unit we learned about energy saving. First we thought haw we can save energy and we spy around the school to see how people waste energy. Our group’s problem was that people in the high school gym don’t turn of the light a lot because it took 10 minutes to turn the lights on. So we made a prototype call N.A.I.G witch stands for New and Improved Gym. Our prototype uses solar panels for the energy and also uses LED lights witch uses small amount of energy and doesn’t took 10 minutes to turn on.

This our prototype video

This is my design notebook.

Viable Vietnam

In this Unit we did lots of fun things. We went to Week Without Walls and also made our own documentary with our groups. I like both of them so much and were very fun! On Week Without Walls we went to water puppet show, Ao Dai Museum, Vietnamese Traditional Medicine Museum and farm! On Water Puppet Show we got to move the water puppets and it was heavy. On Week Without Walls, I got to learn lots of things. After Week Without Walls we made our documentary. Our group’s documentary was about Sugarcane Juice. It took lots of time to make the documentary. I learned how to make documentary and also it was very fun making the documentary.

This is our Viable Vietnam Unit board.

My Winter Break!!

This winter break I went to Korea to meet my mom.  I went to Korea with my dad, and My older sister. That night we went to watch a Korean movie and my family cried because the movie was sad but some part was funny!

The next day, we went to hospitals for medical check up. It was tiring because we went from one hospital to another. After that, we went to my grandma’s house to have dinner. My grandma prepared crabs and meat. The food was awesome and super delicious. My grandma cooks really well. Sadly, my dad and my sister had to go back to Vietnam earlier because my sister has a concert and my dad has to work. Good thing was i stayed with my mom. It took us almost 3 hours to go to my mom’s house, along the way we had stopover. The journey was fun.

The following day, we went to my mom’s university. It was huge with lots of buildings. My mom’s office is big and she uses it herself. My mom had a meeting so i stayed with my mom’s colleague. While waiting for my mom, i did some MATH work! Yeah~ I STUDIED!

Later, I met my cousins. We visited a waterpark and sauna. The slides are gigantic. We enjoyed swimming and playing. After that, i met my friend and we had fun at Lotte World. We rode at the rollercoaster. It was crazy fun!

Again, my Mom and I went to Korean restaurant. Of course the food was excellent. Then we went shopping. We bought some stuff at Kakao Friends  shop.

Then, it’s my last day. I went back by myself but I was not scared. I miss my mom a lot!!!!!

Thinking About Literacy

 My book partner ship partner was Landyn. We read the book called “I survived the attack of September 911” and read three parts. Also we had three meetings and had to write reading response to each other. I learned a lot about the story of September 11 and Lucas’ life, too. It was an amazing story and it’s real. I can imagine what was happening at that time. 

Also, since we started thinking about punctuation and compound sentences, my sentences improved like putting comma before ‘and’, putting to much ‘and’ or putting to less. I need to separate the events when I’m telling the story so it will be easy to understand. I really love writing. I can say what i feel and think about. Sometimes my punctuation is wrong but I got better and I want to improve it more. I wish to be a wonderful writer.

I enjoyed this partnership activity and I love the book!

The Heart of Exploring Unit Celebration!!!!

Today we had “The Heart of Exploring Unit Celebration”!! We did Service Expo,  Drama, Music and Art. First, we did Service Expo. In service Expo we showed our poster that we made and we told what our heart says to help. Our group was called Give Needs For Better Lives and there were Nghi,  Landyn and I. What our group needs to do is helping orphanage.

Then, we did Joke Plays in Drama. My play was called “The Horrible Dream” and I did with it Kia. It was very fun and other people’s play was really funny too. I like it because many people laught at my play!!

After that, I went to Auditorium to play our wacky instrument that we made.When we played our wacky instrument there, our parents and teachers clapped a lot!! The song was very fun and our parents had to play too!!  My dad was good at it!!

Finally, we went to art class and made art piece with our perents. I made penguin with my dad! It was so fun and the penguin we made was very good and cute.

I liked the The Heart of Exploring Unit Celebration!!!!



Math Unit 2

In school we learned 7 different types of standards.  In this Unit we had some activities to learn about Unit 2 math. The most fun activity was ice cream challenge!!! In ice cream challenge we had to memorize 1 times table until 9 and after that we had a check up from Mr. James and I got 1 to 9 times tables and divisions. When we got all  we got to eat ice cream!! I liked this unit.

IB Art Buddy

Last time in art class we went to High school and saw high school student’s art works. My buddy was Amenda and her drawing was about lotus presenting for cure and naive Vietnamese beauty. Three interesting things I noticed about my artist was she uses water color to paint, her painting is about woman and she tries a lot of medium like markers and watercolor. Also she said she get the ideas from her mom. I think her art work is beautiful.

Living Wax Museum

We had a Living Wax Museum in school!!! For Living Wax Museum we choose one explorer and research about them. Also we had to memorize our speech. My explorer was Roald Amundsen. I research about him and he was incredible person! He was first man to travel to the farthest South Pole!! I used to think he went to North Pole first but now I know he went to the South Pole first. But one thing it was hard for me was to memorize my speech!! Something interesting I learned was he died on his way to North Pole!! I thought he died because of the cold. My explorer had a positive impact on the world because people learned about the North and South Pole. Also, because of his courage, people are inspired in their own exploration. I enjoyed the living Wax Museum because I could tell about my explore!!