Hello World!

For art class, I learned 3 new skills. Those are: 1 Point Perspective, 2 Point Perspective, and 

Shading. My goal was to draw the city with 2 point perspective. When I first did my first

draft, it was just fine and this picture is what I drew it.    Here is the picture.

Now, for 2 months, things that I have to improve is I need to make it more clearly to

understand.  But, by doing this, I learned the skills that it will help me in the future.


Well, This is the end of the Blog, and GOODBYE WORLD!!!


Hello World!!!

On 18/10/2017, our class did 20 Hour Project. It means that one thing you will do it for 20 or

more hours. I chose piano for my project because I thought it was just enough for me. While

practicing, I faced lots of problem, but I tried my best to pursue excellence. I documented by 

writing  5-8 lines reflections. After I practiced for 25 days, it was time to present it. It was

very scary and nervous, but I feel happy that I did it. I made it!!!


Now, here is the the link to see.


Then, Goodbye!!!


Hello World!

On 18th of September, our class took the math test for order of operations. I thought I will not

get 100 in my test, but luckily I got all correct. I knew I was perfect at this, but at first, when I was

taking the pretest, I didn't write that much explanation and it was not that accurate. So, I

learned with our class and got very accurate. I feel so good about it.😄