Yesterday, my mom went to a fair called " A Journey Through South Vietnam. " The fair was about the provinces and cities in southern Vietnam. The point of this fair was to help parents know where to go for summer vocation. Students were the people who told parents where to go. At the beginning of the fair, the Vietnamese teachers danced. Then,  the guests will start coming to each station. The students will show the guests the foods, fruits that the provinces had. My province was Ben Tre, the foods were My Long rice paper, Banh Phong Son Doc, Coconut Rice, Coconut candy and more products made out of coconut. The fruits were coconut, green skin pink flesh pomelo and cherry. When the guests came to my station, they got to taste Banh Phong Son Doc.

When the fair was over, two friends in my group were so happy because they didn't like it. I really like this fair. What I don't like about the fair was that I had to memorize a long part. I want to do this again next year with the topic " A Journey Through North Vietnam. " 

My mom went to these stations : Tay Ninh, Ho Chi Minh city, Dong Thap, An Giang, Kien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Can Tho, Tra Vinh, Ca Mau. The province she loved the most was Kien Giang because she saw Thot not fruit for the first time. What other thing she liked was that each station had a poster about how to keep tourism sustainable.


Yesterday, I went to the Caravelle Hotel to study about electricity. We went to the cooling system and the heating system. A staff in Caravelle Hotel said that the hotel needs to pay 2 billions amonth for electricity. I learned that Caravelle Hotel is the only hotel which recycles waste water. 

What impressed me the most was in order to protect environment, the metal straws were used toreplace the plastic straws in the hotel. It takes 200 years for a plastic straw to be decomposed.

I realized that household and hotel have 1 thing in common. That is the air conditioner and heater which take most energy.

 In this activity, we used our energy by pedaling to generate the electricity to the board and light it.

These are 3 photos about my class looking out at the city, a serious photo and a funny photo.

  This is the cooling system which reclaimed water to flush the toilet


We're listening to a presentation about energy saving in Caravelle Hotel at the beginning.


This is my class at the heating system which takes the hot air outside and transform it into cool air. This way helps preventing the earth from global warming. 

On the 23rd of March, my mom and I went to the learning journey. Learning journey is when parents come to the class to see what their child had learned.📝 I told my mom about what I had learned in Math, Unit Studies, Reading, Writing, Blogs and Reflection. At the end of the Learning Journey, I interviewed my mom and she said that her favorite part was the stream table experiments because it was so fun. 

If only the Learning Journey could happen once a unit.💝                                                                  

This is a video I made after the Learning Journey.

Yesterday, I went to a documentary film festival. The documentaries were about Vietnamese cultures. There are 16 documentaries. After we watched 4 documentaries, we had a music break performed by each class of grade 4. At the intermission, we went out to eat Vietnamese foods and took photos. My documentary was about Ao Dai. The documentary I like the most was Banh Ong La Dua. It was so wonderful that a bunch of people lined up for eating Banh Ong La Dua at the Intermission. That was the first time I ever saw that moment. If I had had a chance to do my documentary again, I would have chosen Quan Họ folk music for my topic.

On the morning of 17st January, my class and I went to two museums, the first museum was called the Ao Dai museum and the second museum was called the Traditional Vietnamese Medicine museum. We went to the Ao Dai museum in district 1 first, then we went to the medicine museum. When we went to the Ao Dai museum, we saw many of the Ao Dai which were designed by a famous designer named Sĩ Hoàng. We saw many Ao Dai with the flower symbols of all of the countries in South East Asia. I also saw how the Ao Dai has been changing since the first Ao Dai appeared in 1884.

When we went to theTraditional Vietnamese Medicine museum, I learned that Tuệ Tĩnh was the first traditional medicine doctor of Vietnam in the eleventh century. Traditional Vietnamese medicines was based on acupressure, massage, cupping, steam and acupuncture. When we went down to watch a movie about Traditional Vietnamese medicine, my mom gave me money to buy a tooth paste and two bottles of red medication oil. 


On the morning of 18st January, my class and I went to Bình Dương province and we went to a farm named "Tree." We had four activities ( Making Banh Chung, Making piggy bank, catching fish and planting rice. ) First, we made Banh Chung. When I saw the tour guide wrapping the cake, I thought that it would be so hard but when I tried, I found it very easy. Second, me made piggy banks, the tour guide said that if we didn't take off the mold carefully, the piggy bank would become a gangster. When I tried, I found it easy as wrapping the Banh Chung. Then, we caught fish in the shallow lake. When I stepped on a fish or I touched the fish, I always screamed. Finally, we planted rice in a mini field. When I stepped in the field, I felt like a bunch of fish eggs under my feet. 

What I like the most about this trip was making the piggy bank because I hadn't known the recipe of how to make a piggy bank, 𝑦𝑒𝑡. What impressed me the most was the flag stealing game. Despite my team lost, we still had fun. I learn that when we step into the field, we have to walk step by step. If we walk like walking on the ground, we will fall down. I didn't like fish catching activity because the water in the lake was too cold and the fish were too slippery. I didn't like Banh Chung wrapping activity as well because it was really sleepy. But when I ate the Banh Chung I wrapped, it was really delicious.

This morning, my class and I went to district 1 for field trip. 

First, we went to the water puppet show, I've been to the water puppet show for many times since I was young. The man who in charged of the water puppet house said that in the past, the girls or women cannot be the actor of the water puppet show because they will pass on their husband and their children. This time, what I liked the most about the water puppet show was I can try using a stick to control a puppet fish.

Second, we went to Tao Dan park to interview our people and my group Interviewed 4 people. I didn't feel confident when my group and I implemented the interview because this was the first time I had to work as a translator in my group.

Then, we ate lunch at Ben Thanh street food market. I wanted to eat healthy foods but a food called "philly cheesesteak" fascinated me so I had to drink a healthy drink ( mango juice ) to make it balance. 

I felt really happy because this was the first time that I went back to where I live with the whole grade.💝                                                                                                              

On  Wednesday last week, my class and I went down to the auditorium for the Viable Vietnam cultural fair. We have cultural fair because our new unit is Viable Vietnam. The cultural fair was about 6 different stations of Vietnamese' tradition. Station 1 is Ao Dai, station 2 is musical instruments, station 3 is traditional game, station 4 is rice farming, station 5 is conical hat and station 6 is fish sauce. What I learned from station 1 was the Ao Dais were made from silkworms. What I learned from station 2 was people used grown up bamboos to make bamboo flutes. What I learned from station 3 was how to play a Vietnamese traditional game called "O An Quan". What l learned from station 4 was how to harvest rice. What I learned from station 5 was the conical hats were made by bamboo and palm leaves. What I learned from station 6 was choosing the fish was the  most important step in making fish sauce because if we choose the wrong fish, the fish sauce will not be tasty. 


If only this Viable Vietnam cultural fair could happen once a month in the unit so students can learn different and amazing things about Vietnam.🙂





Today, we went to Panorama to make pottery. Mr.Ross divided the class into two groups who took turns making a box with handle and a bowl. Each group had one and a half hour making one thing. However, we haven't got the pottery bowl and the box because people at the pottery place have to put them in the fire. That means, when getting back from winter break, we will get the pottery box and bowl. I learned that when I want to stick the sides of the box together, I have to make some x on the part that I want to stick . 




The pottery products of this place were very expensive because they're all made by professionals. Mom gave me money but it is too little to buy anything there .