My Buu Long trip was very fun, it was one of the most exciting trip so far. I really like abseiling because I could hear Caleb screaming when he was going down the mountain. It was so funny when he screamed hi hi hi. The zip lining was not so scary because I did zip lining a lot in France where there are lots and lots of zip lining. The rock-climbing was scarier than the zip lining but I made it to the top.

I like abseiling the most because it is the most challenging activity but I can do it. 

I think rock climbing is difficult because my arms are too short to reach the holds. As a result, my arms and my legs are painful.

I learnt  that I can try new things and when I try my best, I can make it.

I think this trip is related to pursuing excellence because all of students have a chance to try new things and we don't give up.


My 20 hours project is baking cupcakes and making a box for them with decorations on it. I will spend 6 hours to finish this project.

Next week, I will make cupcakes with my dad and we will need egg, milk, flower, sugar, cream, food collaring. I will bake the cupcakes with jam in the middle and wills its in the oven. I will make the frosting for the cup cake and I will decorate it with  heart and all that stuff. Next, I will draw the box sprinkles cupcake and some balloon.

I when to the beach. I imagined myself going to the sunny beach building a sand castle. I planned about taking the wet sand from the water and mixing it with dry sand. How I designed the castle was to sculpt the sand into a square and builded some tower. So I created the sand castle by sticking some shells on the castle. The only thing I would change about my design is placing a flag on my castle so it'll look better.