Art Project

This is my art project. I am very proud of it because it can stand and be stable. I would change the position of the diamond in the middle because it’s slanted. I learned that cutting things and using all the parts isn’t always easy.

My Art Goal

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am going to show you, my art goal and reflection on it. My art goal is to draw better wolves because I would really like to add more life to my drawings and this is one of the animals I can add to my drawings. I chose shading to go with drawing wolves because I think it suits the goal most. I learned that doing the hair or fur on the wolf is pretty hard because each strand is different and it can go in many directions. I want to improve/practice drawing wolves and making it more realistic. My drawing skills changed a bit because I now know how to use my shading skills and I would use them more in future drawings. I would have done better on the fur but I had a limited time so I couldn’t work on it. 

Thank You For Reading My Post!

What can I do to improve my skills?     

Welcome to my first year at SSIS(▰˘◡˘▰)

Hello! This is my first blog.This blog is mostly or maybe going to be about everything I learnt about in school new experiences and more.




Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jennifer I’m from fifth grade class 415. I’m a newbie 😛 as you may already notice.

I’m from America and Vietnam, I’m 10 years old, my birthday is May 16.

I have two younger sisters. One of them is in third grade, the other sister is almost 3 years old and is so adorable but very loud and crazy. Im in a family of five and thats probably it.

I have a question: Where are you from?


          Bye! And Thanks For Reading My First Blog Post ! ^ᴥ^