Social Studies Project

What are THREE new things I learned about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT?

While studying this unit, I learned many things about Ancient Egypt and Canaan. For example, I learned about human settlement, and how just a flood or the weather can completely change where people choose to settle. I also learned a lot of new vocabulary like silt, marsh, and a lot more. Other than that, I also learned about the physical features of Ancient Egypt and Canaan. That includes the Nile River, the Mediterranean Sea and the other seas.

What are TWO things that I am proud of in my project?

I’m proud of how I was lazy doing this project. I know, sounds weird, but if it weren’t for my laziness, I wouldn’t have decided to use a Minecraft seed to create my world. The seed had a much better turnout than what I were to do without it. I’m also proud of my editing. It took a very minimal amount of time to edit this video, and the end result looked just like I wanted it to.

What is ONE thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

If I were to do this project again, I think I would make my features bigger and more realistic looking. In this edition, I wasn’t really focused on the quality and size of my features but I would love to improve that. For example, I had very few papyrus plants, and I could’ve added more. Overall, I think my project turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be. :))

Art- Monochromatic Painting

In art, we’ve recently started a whole series of monochromatic paintings. We first did a circle monochromatic painting, then we did a landscape monochromatic painting. Both paintings had a silhouette to add more effect to it. ‘Surprisingly’, I made both Star Wars themed.

The first one was a silhouette of Luke Skywalker’s sand dune in Tatooine, and the second one was Rey and BB-8 in the sand mountains on planet Jakku. If you don’t know what the circle painting is, look at the photo below. The white circle is the sun! On planet Tatooine, you can see TWO suns in the sky. There’s Tatoo 1, and Tatoo 2. Since the only color we could add on to the photo was black, and I didn’t want a black Tatoo 2! So I just went on with only one sun. The two visible figures are the two famous droids, C-3PO and R2D2. One thing I struggled with in this project was actually just painting the sky. I feel like the transition to a darker tint was a bit too bold. One thing that I think I did well was drawing the silhouette. It only took 2 minutes!

The next painting is the landscape monochromatic painting. This one took a bit more time to make. I think the size of the canvas was a bit bigger, and we had to do a couple more steps like sketching our drawing and transferring it. I found a photo with Rey and BB-8 on it, and I honestly thought it would fit perfectly with the theme. But before I did all of that, I did a light trial on the app Procreate. I took a photo of my sketch and painted it on the iPad to show what it would look like, and how my color would look with the landscape. I thought it looked pretty cool, so I went on painting. We mixed a color with different amounts of white and black, aka making new tints and tones. I chose red, and it was prettyyy! Then I started painting out my background, which was a really light tint of red. It was like a baby pink kind of color. Then I did the extra sand dunes in the back, making each layer darker and darker. I finished the bottom layer of sand (which I guess I could say was the foreground?), and started to draw my silhouette! I started my silhouette with a sharpie, making sure I would paint all sloppy. I then filled it in with black paint. I hate the leg though! Rey’s leg is so weird looking when I painted it. It looks so fat!! I should’ve gotten a thinner brush. That’s one thing I could’ve done better. But I really like how my background turned out.