Hi ! My name is Rania. I am 9 years old and i am from Pakistan .

My favourite animal is cat and i love all types of cats -tigers ,lions it goes on and on .When i was small, i moved with my mom and dad from Pakistan to Bangkok,Thailand. I went to a Thai kindergarten and i learned how to speak Thai .When kindergarten was over, i continued at another school which was way bigger. I started in grade 1 and stayed in the school until half of the 2nd semester in 4 grade. It was sad leaving my friends and my awesome teachers .Then we moved to Vietnam and i am going to an amazing school called Saigon South International School (SSIS) . I have a small sister and her name is Mishaal. She might be joining SSIS in August .When i grow up i want to be a singer or even a vet because i love animals. My favourite food is pizza and frozen yogurt.

so world thats all you need to learn about me