Monthly Archives: September 2017

Hello , this is the seventh week of school and so far school is going really good on Monday nothing really happen'd same for Tuesday and on Wednesday I understood the math class really well on Thursday I was not really happy on the effort I put during basketball. And finally FRIDAY has arrived and today in math I understood a new way of doing multiplication and our class got its math test results😬but thank goodness I got good scores that I am not going to tell you and that is it for this week, bye bye 

Hello , So this blog post is about week 6 of school . On Monday I accomplished writing a story that I was really proud about that story was like a horror story and I have never done that all my stories before the one I wrote on Monday . And on Tuesday I got good at Vietnamese words some of them were quite hard to pronounce and I learned how to be super good at pursuing excellence and on Wednesday  I think my class had drama and we did some small skits like ''Sleeping Ugly'' . On Thursday  I played basketball in P.E nothing much on Thursday and finally the best day of the week FRIDAY so today I started my book club book and read some interesting things in the book and that is what was going on this week , bye my readers stay tuned for the next blog post