minecraft project reflection questions

1. What are three new things I learned about geography& early human settlement?

  • I learned that the nile river made a huge impacted in the Ancient Egypt civilazation and the settlement.
  • throughout my video I learned that Egypt was a good reasonable place to settle because it had fresh water source, marshy plain, deserts protecting, salt water and thats why there were many people settling and less nomads and most became farmers.
  • I also learned the meaning of vegetation that it was a growth or a life of plants and why it was so important for the early human settlement.

2. What are two things I am proud of in my project.

  • I’m proud that i had a clear explanation and really many details and the resources showed really clearly and it was neat.
  • I spoke in a clear loud voice and and had a good timing of what i was saying when i was acting or showing it on the minecraft.

3. What is one thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

  • I would have more good control of the keys while filming because it was my first time playing minecraft in a mac book or a laptop, and i made some little mistakes so i screencasted it a lot of times and the boat fell apart when i was riding it even though i acted normally and i made a lot of =clikcy noise when i tried to fly so next time I would consider some of this parts.


thump thump I could here the sound of heart beat everyones heart was beating like crazy. Why was everyones heart beating wildly? thats because there was a shark tank finale.Our team idea was to build a plastic bottle garden, by reusing plastic bottles. I was not really nervous because I did many concert and contest which helped a lot in this process.

The more nervous and exciting part  was the part when the result was announced. At first we thought we might not get chosen because there were so many groups who got green lighted. But when we got green lighted I was so thrilled.

I felt proud of not only myself but was really thankful to my team mates because they helped me through process that I couldn’t have done it my self. Even though we had a hard time, fought a lot and had some problem during the process it was more meaningful to me because if we were really good at the first time it would have not been meaningful then working hard and getting a good place. 

Also thanks to Ms. chi and Mr. Edwards for helping us through our process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Nature Trip to Cat Tien

Trip to Cat tien was great. It was not only fun, but was also patent and was a new experience, because I used to go to a hotel and go to city side so it was the first time I spent many time in nature.

Even though it was a long ride on the bus I was thrilled when I got  to Cat tien. The cabin wasn’t so gorgeous and it had many insects, but the trees made the cabin look eco-friendly

the cabin I stayed in
The cabin I stayed in

Our group went to the primate center. I enjoyed looking the Gibbons and taking photos of them. It was a to bad we couldn’t see the lorises. At the souvenir shop almost all the kids bought the stuff toy Gibbon, but I didn’t  buy one and I am glad that I didn’t buy it. At first I thought of buying the Gibbon toy but I thought I had enough stuff- toys at my house and it wasn’t so wise to buy things you don’t need because others buy it. I liked seeing the gibbons so much, I decided to go to the morning hike where you can hear the gibbons sing. I liked it but it was kind of what I had not expected. I thought I could see the gibbons too, but unfortunately we couldn’t see any gibbons.

A Gibbon swinging

I liked the gibbons but my favorite was the moon bears. There were 9 people who got to make the moon bears snack and luckily I got chosen and was super excited  and did my best to make the snacks  adequate for the bears. After making the snacks  we hid it so the bears could find it and eat it. I especially liked the part when we got to sit at a tree house and talked with friends, watch bears, write journal. From there I got to see the bear so closely. I had good time seeing the moon bears.

Moon bears trying to find the snack

I also liked the hike because I used to hike when I was young and some times I hike  now too. While hiking it was nice to have nature surrounding me. I also saw a 300 year-old tree. The night sensory hike was nice as the normal hike, but the reason was different from the  reason I liked the hike. The hike was great because we could see diverse thing in nature, and the night sensory hike was good because I could feel the peace and silence it was also cool to use our night vision and see so many beautiful stars.

-Seeing a 300 years old tree when nature hiking

The night at Cat tien had many interesting things to do just like in the day time. The night  safari was cool because it was different from most of the safaris. Usually we see the particular animals but Cat tiens night safari wasn’t, so I think it was more cool. After the cold ride at the safari bus, the bon fire was a warm greeting the roasted marsh mallow was great but I think it was more fun because teachers and students both tried hard when it was their time to led the bon fire.

-The bonfire


As I mentioned it was very good and enjoyable time at Cat tien. I learned a lot in this trip and was proud for my self for being self reliant.