What are three new things  learned about geography and early human settlement?

  1. I learned new words like vegetation, irrigation and nomads.
  2. I learned that people used papyrus to create paper, boats and other things.
  3. I learned that people back then live a similar life like us but  it is a little bit more difficult.

What are two things that I am proud of in my project?

1. I'm proud of the mountains I made because the mountains were hard to make since it was very high and big but I think I did a good job

2. I'm very proud of my houses I made because I wanted a little bit more details so I made the houses.

What is one thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

I would work on it daily and finish it a little bit earlier because I was actually rushing a little bit to finish this project.

Hope you enjoy my project 🙂


The most interesting thing I learned in 5th Grade was about the environment when we went to Cat Tien. I thought it was interesting because I've never went on a trip like Cat Tien.  The most hardest thing I had to do was we had to try finishing our project for Color-coded recycling bins, because we didn't have enough time to finish it and we had difficult times with our teammates. My plans for the summer is I'm going to be staying at home to learn Korean because even though I can speak Korean, I can't read or write. What I look forward about middle school is what we will learn, I hope it's not too hard.


I choose color-coded recycling bins because I think recycling is very important, but since it's color-coded I think it's going to be more sustainable.

Color-coded recycling bins are sustainable because having color-coded recycling bins will get people's attentions to recycling more. For ecology we are using wood so it would be more sustainable and good for the environment, for economics we are getting wood from local sources, for politics since it's recycling people will agree too it because it's sustainable, for culture recycling will not affect the world but instead it will help the world.

Our group prepared the proposal by asking other people about the Budget and Timeline. For our infographic one person worked on it because only one person could only work on the infographic. For the Shark Tank pitch our group made a script and memorized it so we can be really prepared for our Shark Tank pitch.

The most interesting thing I learned was how SSIS was and wasn't being sustainable.

The most challenging part was the budget because we had to find out the budget for wood and paint, so we asked other people.

I think we did well on how we explained our project and how we gave details to the people watching our proposal.

If we can do this project I would try to do better at writing the proposal because I was the only one who had not the best proposal out of all the people in my group. If I had anything to improve then I would improve of how we memorized our scripts, but instead I would really like it if we just got a good piece of paper and just write it down or print it.

Here is the proposal.




On February 23, 2017, the 5th grade had a Hackathon. A Hackathon is an activity where people get in groups and come up with ideas to improve something, like making SSIS a better place.

I decided to join a topic of reducing plastic, because people always trash plastic and waste plastic, making the world horrible. We wanted to reduce plastic so we made a STAR poster explaining how to reduce plastic.

Situation-People are constantly buying drinks that are in plastic bottles too much, and after they drink it they throw it away.

Task-Try to reduce plastic bottle use.

Actions-Posters and signs have to be placed in halls and classrooms to remind people to bring their own water bottles and use less plastic.

Results-It may happen if people reminded other people to bring their own water bottles and use less plastic.

I think it would be sustainable if people would bring their own water bottles or leave one water bottle in their lockers.

Ecology- I think it might be good for the environment, because you're using your own water bottles, and that would reduce the amount of plastic.

Economics-Maybe people might save money.

Politics-Maybe the leaders of SSIS would agree to this plan, because it's very sustainable and might be good for our school.

Culture-It might fit into people's culture if they get used to this plan and if people keep using reusable bottles.

People might not like this plan, however, because they always use plastic and might not like to wash their water bottles over and over, but some people might like it because it's sustainable.

On February 14-16 we went to Cat Tien, Cat Tien is a national park where we went for our school trip.

The most interesting thing I did in Cat Tien was going to the moon bear center and hiding food like peanut butter and fruits. To hide the food, we all spread peanut butter in high places and places where the bears could go search for food. The reason why we did that was to make the bears search for food like they would do in the wild, plus it would make them exercise.The second interesting thing I did was the night safari. It was really fun because we saw a lot of animals like deer, a bunny, and a porcupine. We went there with a big high truck. It was very cold but it was really fun.

The most interesting thing I learned was how female gibbons and male gibbons sound like. The gibbon's song was very loud and it sounded like a fire alarm. We heard gibbons while we were on the morning hike/walk. What I liked about the morning walk/hike was the fresh air and the morning breeze was very great.

The most difficult thing was the hike. I didn't really like it because the pathway was very bumpy and narrow. It was kind of difficult, because we had to jump on logs, go under the trees and plants, and step on bumpy rocks. Even though I tried the hike, it was a little difficult because I haven't done a hike in a while.

If we go on another trip to Cat Tien it would be better if I could bring my dogs and my phone. If I could change anything, it would be to have better games instead of playing the same game and that there would be no insects in the cabins.