This is my model of an awesome volcano. Recently we have been learning about how volcanoes form and how the lava forms. Volcanoes are huge mountains that are open at the top and they spit out lava. Volcanoes are created because tectonic plates are either pushed against each other or pulled apart, this creates volcanoes because it creates a huge mountain on the Earth with an open top.  So first, volcanoes erupt because magma beneath the Earth's crust, which is the top layer of the Earth, flows up to the top and at the surface it forms lava which then erupts out of the volcano.  The actual magma forms because the crust subducts into the Earth and eventually it melts because it gets closer and closer to the middle of the Earth, which is about 5,982˚C or 10,800˚F, where magma forms. Then the magma heads up to the top of the volcano as mentioned earlier. In this model, the blue blocks show the smoke coming out from the top of the volcano and the curved red blocks show the lava that the volcano has spewed out. The green blocks and the normal red blocks represent the actual volcano. Also, we added awesome toy people to make it more interesting!

Tyranny - Two soldiers guard the tyrant while the tyrant is giving a speech.
Oligarchy - A group of wealthy people rule the citizens.
Democracy - The citizens near the red Lego are voting for one of the three gummy bears to become the leader.
Monarchy - The king rules over all the gummy bears who are bowing down to him.

Before I started learning about government, I knew that there was democracy, but I never knew about other types of governments like oligarchy, tyranny, and monarchy. It is important to learn about government because people should know how different countries have different techniques of keeping peace. I think that democracy works best because everyone has a little bit of power and people can choose the leader that they think is the best.

You might be wondering why KitKat's slogan is "Have a break, have a KitKat." This is a very smart slogan because it can mean two different things. This is probably why KitKat is so popular. The first meaning can be when you're working or doing something that you don't usually enjoy and you've had enough of it and you really need a 'break.' At that time you can have a break and enjoy a KitKat to cheer you up. The second meaning can be when you're with your friends and you guys need a snack. You just have to get a KitKat and 'break' it and share it with your friends!