Movie title : Casablanca

Director movie :  Michael Curtiz

Cast of characters :

  • Rick - Humphrey Bogart
  • Ilsa - Ingrid Bergman
  • Victor - Paul Henreid
  • Conrad - Major Heinrich Strasser
  • Claude - Captain Louis Renault
  • Peter - Ugarte
  • Major Strasser - Conrad Veidt
  • Signor Ferrari - Sydney Greenstreet



Casablanca is the love famous movie in Hollywood in 1942. It's the movie kind of crime, love, drama. The movie played by Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein and Howard Koch, directed by the the talented director Michael Curtiz. The scenes almost filmed in Rick's coffee shop that's the nightclub for rich persons. The owner of this coffee shop is Rick. He is the gentle, cool and elegant in the movie. We can’t can introduce the protagonist of this movie. She is the talent, beautiful and get the trouble because she fail in love between Victor and Rick.


They wanted escape from Casablanca and moved to US or Portugal. Many people tried to to get an exit visa but not success because the government blocked that. By the time, two police officers get killed and every people thought Rick is the person that keep the secret's letters. Those letters got the power that can help you escape Casablanca. One more time talk about the gentle and coffee’s owner. Look outside he’s a strong person but We can feel inside, his heart was fallen in love with Ilsa. Not only this couple made this story, We can see many characters as Victor - Paul Henreid,Conrad - Major Heinrich Strasser, Claude - Captain Louis Renault, Peter - Ugarte, Major Strasser - Conrad Veidt, Signor Ferrari - Sydney Greenstreet bring the success for this movie.


During World War 2, Europe was the most dangerous place because it’s in the war. That’s why people tried many ways as escape, make fake visa, etc but with the rich person to escape that so easy because they have money. Casablanca is one of the place get effect of the world so Rick and Ilsa made the plan to escape Casablanca to get safe.


Finally, Rick except the most painful in his is sacrifice his life for the women he love. The scene that Rick and Ilsa have to split up and Rick must accept to watch the woman she loves silently for ten years go with other man. We can see Rick is the perfect man because he is willing to sacrifice everything for his beloved one. For me this is the famous of romance movie I ever watch. The movie won the award Academy Award for Best Picture, Academy Award for Best Director and Academy Award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay. I have some advice for the couples should watch this movie.  

Parents should control teenagers because they still young. Because they still young so they don’t know which one is good or bad. According to Dan, father of three teenagers,  “If at some point you started lying to us or deceiving us, than we would lose that trust”. Because your parents have a lot experiences. They teach us how to protect yourself and they love us so they don’t want we have any trouble. As a result, It help the teenagers know who is bad or good and they can move away the trouble. Therefore, parents should control their children because they still young.

  • In addition, parents should add friend with them and follow them because your children accept add friends too many strangers look them not friendly.  “Over 40% of online teens admit that they have friended strangers on social networking sites,” according too Truste social networking and privacy survey, 2010. When you accept add friend with too many strangers are very dangerous because they are strangers you can’t know they good or bad so we shouldn’t accept the strangers. They can inbox you and invite you to go to the party or their house. They can be sell you or tell your parents give them a lot of money. If parents follow their teenager on social media, then check follow you on the top and when you add any friends or post any pictures your parents will know. Maybe they can’t comment your picture but they can check your any strangers you accept add friend. In conclusion, parents must control about making friends of your children. Friend is one of the most factors limit change your children.

We learned about the risk of social media. The teenagers are still young to control themselves as using it.


Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to posting unsafe photos. Teens often take photos in dangerous places. For example, teens may… be take pictures in a high place maybe in balcony. As a result, parents should take their phone ,their laptop ,their ipad. In conclusion,... teens should think about their activity and never do it again.