Wearable Art reflection

   What I like about my wearable art is that we sewed in bells and a teddybear at the bottom of the hat where the face is so it would pop up more. If I would change something then I would put more googly eyes and add different colored pipe cleaners. during this art unit, I learned how to cooperate with a teammate and it taught me how to sew better.

Edward Ruscha

I think Edward Ruscha’s art is really interesting because he always makes it detailed,  he makes the drawings/painting look really pop up and 3D, and he makes it look realistic too. his drawings make me want to also want to be a good artist.http://blog.ssis.edu.vn/107196/2017/11/15/edward-ruscha/

G4 talk reflection

 During the G4 talk I was so nervous and scared that I forgot a line. But I never gave up and I faked it till I made it, I also felt proud because my partner and I put a lot of effort and work into the scrips. Also here are some tips for you when you do your G4 talk.                                                                                                                                  Well, first of all you should always practice all of your lines, try to memorize your whole script, and when you are done writing the script, you should ask your parents to listen to your speech and tell them to give you feedback, or record yourself, then check back at the video and check what you need to work on, and try it again. But never forget, Fake it till you make it! 

Independent Me Unit

In our independent me unit we learned about smoking. we went to Mr. Ross’ class and learned what people put in cigaretts. Cigaretts have bad chemicals in them because without the chemicals they would taste bad and one of the harmful chemicals are tar. Tar makes your lungs black or brown and when you smoke you breath in smoke and the smoke can’t come out so it burns your lung hairs or you can call them your cilias. Smoking can give you lung cancer and it can kill you if you smoke too much. Smoking will dammage your brain, heart and lungs.  My dad used to be a smoker and now he isn’t but he does get colds or fevers easily now though thats why you shouldn’t smoke because it is very harmful to your whole body. Thank you for reading my blog!

Sophia Bui (Unit 3)’s Post on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This blog is a reflection of this week in school. We did lots of things like the tet assembly and the lion dance.

The tet assembly went very well for me because I had a lot of fun with my friends and all of the shows were fun and dancing and singing was fun too. The lion dance was soooooo cool because the lions were jumping on poles.

The lion dance was kind of freaky because the guy was going on a tall pole but I still liked it.