What I created is made to show you how Sedimentary rocks form.

The blue "mountain" represents mountains, rivers, waterfalls and cliffs. Let me explain how Sedimentary rock actually forms. Sediment, wich are little leftovers of rock, settle on the bottom of the water, earth or some kind of surface. After that, the strata gets compacted by other rock layers until it is solid. The strata can sometimes weather away because of the wind, water, pressure, temperature, rapid temperature change etc. Erosion makes rock strata bumpy and not straight. It can also break and fold because of tectonic movement and the layers could also melt because of magma coming from the mantle. But let me tell you about my creation. The green layer has formed millions of years before the other two rock strata. We know this because it is under the yellow and red layer of Sedimentary rock. The green layer hasn't eroded because it is perfectly leveled and smooth. After the green strata, came the yellow layer that compacted the green rock strata into its solid form. The yellow layer has eroded or weathered away by water and that is why it has that big bump on the left. The yellow rock strata is the second oldest rock layer because it is right over the green strata. The youngest rock layer is red. It is on top of green and yellow wich leads us to believe that it has formed the last. As you can see the red layer folded a little bit around that bump, because of tectonic movement. The red layer also has eroded as we can see by the evidence that the red rock strata is bumpy and not perfectly smooth like the green rock layer.

The conclusion is that rock layers form, break, fold, melt etc. only because of nature and temperatures. Thank you!  hello there i did not do this  on purpose so sorry but still i hope you liked it..... thank you so much for rereading and yaaaa i hope you learned something  new and informative so yaaaay ok ok ok oko ok



The king is sitting on his throne and the people are bowing down to him .



A few people are on one throne and there id a dead person in front of them which means torture. Some people are even hiding .



The leader is a soldier with a army .




The people are voting . There are 3 leaders to be chosen from and the person with the most votes is the one in the middle .




What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit? : I didn't know anything about these forms of government , except for democracy .


Why is it important to learn about forms of government? : Because it's good to know what happened in the past and what is happening right now in the world and it's good to learn from it .


Which form of government do you think works best & why? :  Democracy , because it's the fairest of all government types . 


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