Canaan Project


What are 3 things I’ve learned about Geography and early human settlement?

The three new thing I learned was that the Sea Of Galilee is actually I fresh water lake instead of salt water because the word ” sea ” means salt water. Second was I never to that the Dead Sea was too salty to have any living life, I thought that the sea would have many fishes and coral and crab but little did I know, it was too salty for anything. Last but not least, I did not know about Canaan it self, and where it was located and the natural resources.


What are two things that I am proud of in my project?

I am most proud of my Minecraft world because I put in a lot of effort and because it was really clear what I wanted to talk about. The second one is the video it’s self and how it came along better then I expected and so I am happy about that.


What is one thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again? 

I think I would do my script again because I didn’t really know what to say except for what I have already witch is bad, but next time I think I would pay attention more to my script and maybe have a better voice tone.

Volume Unit In Math

Hey there! Long time I haven’t posted anything but I am back! Today I will be telling you what we are doing in math. The past 2 days, our class has been learning about Volume and the Area for math. Volume is when we measuring  3D shapes, on the other hand Area is when we would measure 2D shapes. If you want to measure the volume, you would have to multiply  length, width, and height. If you want to measure 2D you would have to multiply length and width because  2D is not a 3D dimensions. I also learned that if you want to measure 3D you would have to time them together to get your value.

For example, Lenght = 3cm Width =5cm Height = 2cm. What I could do is just multiply them, 3 x 5 = 15 x 2 = 30cm3

Its has simple as that!

Thank you for reading and I will see you next time!

Project Proposal

Hello today I will be telling you about my project that Sheryl, Kenneth and I have been doing, its a plastic bottle garden. A plastic bottle garden is when you cut a plastic bottle that had bee used, you would put soil in and put a seed for it to grow.


We had been researching about who to make a plastic bottle garden so we won’t mess up, we are also thinking to make a little shed to put some tools in and extra bottles, soil, and seeds.


I am interested because I have seen people throw away plastic bottles in the trash even tho there is a recycling been right next to them. We want to do this because we are reusing it in a good way by making a plastic bottle garden, there is allot of extra spaces so we want to fill it with the plastic bottle garden so we can be unique in a way.




Cat Tien Field Trip!!

Hello there today I will be telling you what we did at the moon bears center, what I did not expected at Cat Tien and what I never knew about what the do to the animals there at Cat Tien, and what I had never seen before but I saw at Cat Tien, and what was my favorite moment at Cat Tien. Last but not least, how does Cat Tien connect to our unit about sustainability?

When we had arrive at the moon bear center we had learn about how there pass and where they came from. We also learned that we can’t put a male and female together, the reason is when they finish mating the female is useless to the male. We fed the moon bears too and we got to watch them eat. We got nutella for them  for them, while the others would get bamboo and stuff them with banana and dog food. When we finish we put some banana leaves so they would have to crack the bamboo in half to get the food.

I never thought that the cabins would be so clean and I thought the food was gonna be decent but it was surprisingly good! I also didn’t expected that we had allot of fun activities that we could do, I thought we would just be walking around and take notes how Cat Tien is sustainable. Instead we had fun activities like feeding the moon bears and hearing the golden cheek gibbon sing in the morning to the new morning. I never knew that the 3rd dangerous snake lives in Cat Tien so that kinda made me scared for my life. I was very surprise that people use moon bear bile as medicine but it does not really work, I never knew they were kept in small cages and they can’t move so it makes them stress. With the golden cheeks gibbon they also put them in small cages and I never knew that it was illegal to capture moon bears and golden cheeks gibbon from their habitat.

I had never seen a stick bug before in my entire life but that I saw one and it looks so much like a normal stick from a tree! I had also never seen a Weasel in my life but group one was lucky enough to see a weasel on our night safari. We also saw 5 – 6 deers and I have never seen a deer in my life or in the wild once. Of course I have never seen a moon bear or a sun bear in my life because they live in south Asia and yes Vietnam is in south Asia but I had never seen one before. I have also never seen a butterfly mold in front of my eyes.


To sustain Cat Tien they will have to have money to keep the electricity on and to build more cabins, the other thing is they will need food so people can eat and the animals would also have to have food. They will rescue more animals that mean they will need more food, rescuers will rescue endangered so they won’t be extinct.

Thank you for reading this blog post and I will see you later!

Close Reading

Hello there today I will be telling you what close reading is, here we go !

Close reading is when you read a book more than 1 time, its not like you read it 5 – 8 time. Its like reading it and finding new details that you have never seen.


Yes I did, I found more and more details each time I had finished a page. It was really amazing  how you can read it once and not find more details  than reading it twice and getting so much more details, I would have to say I would recommend you reading it 3 or more.


I read it 3 times before I putted in my question in a section and each time I get a new idea and I wrote it down. You should also get a peace of paper and write down your question that you have. ( Non-Fiction not Fiction )


The main idea is is the point of the paragraph. It is the most important thought about the topic. Here is an example. The spoonbill is suited for the mangroves because for their powerful strong leg and its beak can scoop up allot of fish in one scoop.


It would be helping me by understanding what the book is telling me because we are gonna see allot more difficult words, by 6th grade the teacher won’t read to us so we have to do it ourself. Not only that but its not gonna help us in school only, its gonna help us as we grow up and do work so we can understand.

That was close reading, I hoped you enjoy and for now I will see you later in the future. BYE BYE AND THANK YOU!

Lemonade War

Our teacher had been reading this book called Lemonade War and it is a really good book. But there had been a little problem between the two main characters Evan and Jesse who are siblings, Jesse is 8 and Evan is 9 but Jesse has to move up a class so grade 4 and even in the same class as Evan. Jesse was very happy because she is in the same class and thought Evan would help her meet new friends and maybe in math, but Evan was not happy and felt embarrassed because he thought it was dumb that she had to move up a grade. Evan was mad and decided to have a war and who can sell the most lemonade and they only had 4 days. It was the last day and Jesse was winning and she went to the beach with her with Megan and Evan had stole Jesse’s 208$, he did not wanted to steal it but kept it until the next few days so she would lose and give it back to her. Some of his friends where playing basketball with him and one was asking his mom if Evan and his friends can swim at his house and she did let them swim at there house. As Evan was changing to his swim suit he left Jesse money in a little envelope in his shorts, as Scott left the pool Even was gonna go change back to his dry clothes, but then he saw his shorts folded and as he looked for his envelope it was not there anymore, and he knew it was Scott that took the money and he did not know what to say when Jesse would come back from the beach.

This was the end of the chapter that our teacher had read to us, and if I was Jesse what I would go and talk to Evan about it and calm down, then make a plan to force Scott to give the money back and team up then challenging each other.

If I was Evan I would tell Jesse that she won the war and tell her every thing that had happen when she was gone and try t0 get her money back from Scott and give Jesse all of his money. Just because that was the bet, who ever has won the other person has to give there money to the winner.


My Reflection On My Research


Today ill be showing you what I have done in the past 1 weeks,  my class and I have been researching about stuff we want to know. What I have bin interested into is Bald Eagles, now I have been researching about them and I have learn allot about them. 


You might ask, well I have been researching about them for a week.

And reading books about them at the local library.


No, every thing has been smooth  with all of my research and books.

And its been really easy doing all of my research, and the Wiki has been helping me the most.


Yes, I am very exited about my research because I want to know more that I want to know.


I wonder how can a Bald Eagle see a prey on the ground from 15 feet high in the air, and how does there eyes see so well.