Final Product for Our New Breakthrough Has Came!

Q. [Abstract] What did you do and why was it important to you? What were your main findings from the project? What were your main findings from the project?

For the final product, I decided to make a website using Wix. Since I need to explain the collaboration of biology & physics and my 3D model of imaginary instrument, I thought that posters or infographics would be too limited for the project. My website is basically like a research website that future scientists, engineers, or even sponsors can access to. The website’s goal is to inform the combination of biology and physics (technically engineering) and further technology that could conduct experiments on my research question: “How Can Electricity Conducted from Plants be Helpful in Collecting Organic Information?” 

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I was interested in this topic because I’m planning to study bioengineering when I go to college. This project is very meaningful for me because there are not many chances for biology major students to work on projects or experiments with physics. During this project, I learned anew that science is always combined with all the departments (physics, chemistry, biology) when humans come up with inventing something. As my research question is directly related with more than two science fields, I realized that weaving different science information and explaining those in an easy way was quite difficult. It also took time for me to understand the biochemical process that goes through plant physiology, and the physics behind the instrument that I wanted to invent. After this process, I learned that engineers and scientists on professional fields are great scholars, and there is a lot of time & effort behind the convenience that we enjoy in daily life.

Q. What were the main challenges for you doing this project? What were your strengths and what were your weaknesses?

During this project, I had some challenges that I had to overcome. First, I had all my other subjects’ projects due on this week so I couldn’t manage my time well. Especially, the projects were all making videos and editing, which made me lose my energy and sleep less than usual. However, I’m fine with that now because those projects are due at the same time and I can only focus on my final semester exam! Hooray!! Another challenge that I faced was technical skills. As I mentioned in my second blog post, it was my first time to build a 3D model by using an entirely new app. Everything including controlling the mouse, labeling, and building up was a giant mountain for me to climb. However, as I practiced using the app for several days, I eventually got used to it, and now I have an awesome imaginary instrument for my project 🙂


One thing that I can say what I improved from this project was being more creative and critical thinking. I researched and asked for help when I made up my project idea for the environment project. However, this project’s idea (bioengineering) flashed across my mind and I gradually added on my creativity throughout the session. Although I got help on using a 3D model app from Jihwan, I think this project was a great opportunity for myself to get over my weakness: technology skill and creativity.

Q. Finally, my website is linked below. I hope you enjoy! 



4 thoughts on “Final Product for Our New Breakthrough Has Came!

  1. Hi Jiyoon, first I would like to say good job on working on this project! I can really see that you put a lot of time and effort into your website. I really liked how you presented labelled diagrams and attached clear explanations underneath, so I could understand your topic. The website was easy to navigate through, and how you put together the website was really straight-forward for me to better understand your focus. Your choice of topic was also really interesting, especially since I never really thought of using electricity to collect information on plants. As reading through your post, I had some questions that popped up (if you don’t mind): What exactly is ‘organic information’ and what are some possible ways obtaining this information can benefit us human beings other than biology research?

  2. Hello Ji Yoon! Your topic was really interesting to read about. The idea of combining plants and physics might sound a bit scary but who knew it could have benefits for researchers in the biological field to use physics! Something that you did that spoke out to me is how you considered the plants signal flow and specifically dive to a solution that can compliment it. I’ve learned a lot of things actually, the LEP, AP and VP signals inside plants and also about the Ag+ and Cl- ion relationship in the parallel plate. In the beggining I was like, physics and electricity inside plants? No way, but then after reading this it took my by surprise that electrodes and plants can together accumulate data. Somethings to extend your thinking is elaborating on what type of information, problems, situations will we able to get from the plants by using the parallel plate. Other than that, good job! 🙂

  3. Hey Jiyoon! Goob job on this project! All your hard work and effort transcend to such a beautifully setup website. I was struck by the helpfulness of plants in which human can use the electricity inside plants, which is something I have never thought of before. It really opened a door. I like the thoughtfulness of creating a 3D model to illustrate your idea. It clearly explained what you want to do and how you can accomplish it. Also, as I was browsing, questions about safety and used material popped out. However, it turned out that you have answered them on your website! This is indeed self-explanatory. At the end, I wish you can think about how we can use this electricity, considering it has a relatively small voltage and current. In what daily activities can we use this? If you can solve this problem, it would be a groundbreaking discovery! That said, it is still a solid success! Congrats!


  4. Heya Jiyoon! I really thought your topic was interesting and you really did a great job in representing your topic. I know this because I also made a website; it really isn’t a simple task to create a website. I can also so that you put a lot of effort into it. Your website’s design was very simple and so it really helped me in understanding your topic thoroughly. It was really nice that you organized your information into two different sections, physics and biology, and how you had how you had the bottom part of the website stay there even when you switched through different pages. One thing that kept on bothering me was this sentence in that section, though : By centuries, humans have been developing massive of knowledge and technology to improve. This sentence did not really make much sense to me grammatically. Other than that, maybe you could have talked about what inspired you into creating this product. Also, in your diagram you had a lot of parts labelled, but I felt like they were all so confusing. Maybe if you could redo this project or add on to this project, you could add on more to in and have more description on each part. Overall, it was really eye-catching and looked awesome! 😀

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