What am I going to change to my ecodome is I am going to decrease the amount of soil and have more plants which are all long grasses. The reason that I’m going to decrease the amount of soil is that last time I have too many soil and my container is a little bit too short so I’m afraid to open the cap of the container. The reason that I’m going to change all the plants into grasses because grasses are easy to survive without water for a long time and last time all my plants died. The reason why I didn’t change the other parts is that both of my crickets survived last time so I don’t want to change a lot of things.

Things that I planned to have (pic):

Things that I actually build in the ecodome:

Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations (6 days)
Soil (Rich) 3 cm from the bottom The habitat of the plant and to let the cricket to be used to the new place The same
Apple ⅙ of the apple, 1 ounce As food for the crickets so that they don’t die easily The apple is rotten now in the ecodome
Wild plants 6 So that it can provide the carbon dioxide and water. Seems dead already
Sponge with water in it 15ml of the water So that crickets don’t get thristy Seems the same
crickets 2 ...We need to have cricket and I put two because I just wonder if they will eat each other. Still alive!!!! 😉


SO FINALLY I got this (On the first day):

Still survive after 13 days!!! So happy!!!

    In a restaurant, a few parents were having their dinner with their children. There was a phone in each child’s hands, their parents chatting and the children looking at their phones’ screens, chatting with their friends in FB, smiling and paying no attention to the people who were next to them. It’s a pretty common view whether in airports, restaurants or houses. Social Media was become more and more popular nowadays in human lives and most of the users are teenagers. How will the parents take care of the social media and not increase the pressure of taking care of their children at the same time. Parents should not look at children’s texts because teens should have their own space but they should use software to filter out the inappropriate websites because children may accidently click to go to that kind of websites.  Critics may suggest that parents should steal their children’s password without permission; however, this is not a valid argument because it actually makes parents into liars.


    Parents should ask their children if they can read their personal texts or not because teenagers should have their own space that they may not want to show to their parents. Somehow, most of the teenagers know what they should do and what they shouldn’t do in social media. Ryan, an eighth-grade student said, “If nothing inappropriate is said, and it’s just talking, I don’t want my parents snooping into my social life.” He as a 13-year-old child, thought that it will be awkward to let his parents see the texts that were not inappropriate because the texts were just talking. In this quote, parents should be relaxed when their children are on social media. They can check their children’s text, but they should tell their children first. In addition, teenagers shouldn’t type in some inappropriate texts to their friends in order to get the parents’ trust. Parents should trust the children if he/she was just talking to their friends due to the check before. It will relieve stress to both children and parents. Therefore, parents should tell their children if they are going to check their texts.


    The another suggestion is that, parents should use software to filter out the inappropriate websites for their children because sometimes children will accidently click on the advertisements or the buy links or even the hacker links. A site selling software that filters and monitors the Internet declares, “It is a parent’s job to watch over [their children] and be there to correct potential bad decisions that are all too common in a teenager’s life.” Although it’s one of the sentences from a site selling software that filters and monitors the Internet, it still makes sense for most of the students and parents. Parents should filter out the inappropriate websites. Due to the fact that most of the teenagers will be curious of the thing that they don’t know and they want to know, parents should use the software to filter out the websites instead of just shouting at their children “how can you look at those kind of things.” It will be more useful to use the software. It will relieve pressure for the parents’ version to not check the children’s viewing history or computer every day. For these reasons, parents should use software to filter out the inappropriate websites to relieve their own pressure.


    Alternatively, many parents look at their own children’s texts without their permission because they think that they will definitely type in inappropriate texts to their friends or strangers. For example, James Batelli, the police chief of Mahwah, New Jersey, advises parents to use spyware without telling their kids about it. Critics suggest that parents should check their own children’s texts without their permission due to their privacy because children’s privacy information may be public. However, the part of the argument is that “parents should steal the passwords without their permission.” This actually makes parents into liars. It will increase pressure to both parents and children and there is no benefit to their own. For example, Devan, a college sophomore, said, “I am sure you (parents) will be upset if I looked at your phone or at your emails or any personal messages.” Given the evidence, it is therefore logical to conclude that parents shouldn’t steal children’s password without their permission because parents won’t be happy if children also looked at their phones. Parents shouldn’t be a liar to their children. If they steal their password without permission, then they will increase their own pressure of hiding this information from their children. After looking closely at both sides of the issue and the evidence, one can see that parents shouldn’t steal children’s password without their permission due to their own perspective.
    In conclusion, parents shouldn’t look at children’s text or steal their password without permission but they should use software to filter out the inappropriate websites. If parents steal children’s password without permission, they will increase their own pressure and if children knew that, it will make parents into liars. If parents don’t do so, then they will decrease their own pressure and have a good relationship between their children. Hopefully in the future, parents can treat their children with respect regard the social media.

  1. China has got five thousand years of history. Between five thousand years, there were 16 dynasties in the ancient China. The most well-known dynasty is the Tang Dynasty. Tang dynasty starts from 618 and end in 907.
  2. Tang Dynasty is a time period that got a lot of great poetries from the famous poets such as Li Bai, Du Fu. The poetries are still protected in the museums nowadays. The poets always sit or walk in the garden to have some things to think and write.
  3. In Tang Dynasty, the emperor set a political system which the emperor was at the top and the other government officials were selected on the base of the merit and the education. And this happened once in three years.
  4. About the Tang emperors, Wu Zetian was one of the most famous emperors in Tang Dynasty. She was the first woman emperor in the ancient China. She was a emperor for seven years and became the emperor’s mother for fifteen years.
  5. The Chinese were the first in the world to develop printing, and they had earlier invented paper. During the Tang period, the invention of printing and improvements in papermaking led to the printing of a whole set of Buddhist sutras.
  6. In Tang Dynasty, there were also a lot of people that were good at hand-writing, such as Yan Zhenqing and Liu Gongquan. They were two different type of writers. Their writing were still protected in the museum nowadays also.
  7. There were also a lot of people that were good for the emperor came out from the Tang Dynasty such as Li Shimin. He was the most hard-working person at that time period. His ability of controlling the whole emperor is amazing.
  8. The famous story: the Xi You Ji also starts from the Tang Dynasty. The story includes the monkey king, the pig and two human. The story was written by Wu ChengEn. It’s pretty famous nowadays.
  9. There were a lot of drawings in that time period. The different artists have different type of drawings. Some of them just sit in their houses and think. Some of them went around the town and found something to draw about.
  10. So this ends my thinking and researching of Tang Dynasty. Thank you!


What concerns would parents have about their children using social media?

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to the eyesight that the children have. Teens may get bad eyesight if they look at the screen for a long time every day and parents may want to be cautious of the eyesight that their children have. For example, teens may look at their phones or laptops for a long time without resting for a while and looking at views that are natural. As a result, the teens may not have good eyesight and have to wear glasses which is not so convenient comparing to the teens that don’t wear glasses. In conclusion, parents should protect their children’s eyesight and enforce a rule about the time that the children can be online.

So for this design, the first project that we’ve decided to make is to heat the water that we decided to clean. We have a piece of cling wrap that covers the mouth of the beaker and a little hole on the cling wrap because of the overwhelming force. We will add another little beaker inside the beaker that we’re going to be heated so that we can collect the water that is going to be fallen from the cling wrap. But unfortunately, the result isn’t that good. So we tried the second design. I think this design can’t work, but my group thinks it can work, so we’d have to do this design. The design is that we use the coffee filter to clean the water. In my expect, the result is still not so good. So we change our thought. We use pebbles, filter and sand to clean the water. This design is better than any other designs that we made before. But the result is still a bit bad. So we decided to use a new thought. This time, the result is the best along the any other results! So that’s our final project.

The video is really difficult for me to make because I don't have any skills in making videos. So I have to learn the buttons by myself. And after this recording, I even began to hate my sound! Very weird... However, I am very satisfy about my video. The mood is good, the pictures are good (although I find the pictures on google...). The only thing I missed up is the music part. Because I don't know how to make a song and I only learned a little bit of piano when I was little, so I just find a sad song on Youtube. So that's the things that I faced when I was making this video.

1   Why did christianity take hold in the ancient world?


↪copy & paste from your reflection

Excerpt #1

In the Roman ideology, the process is from violence to victory and finally peace. They have the same result but different processes. Christianity wants a fair and just end result but according to the Roman ideology, it is interested in quiet and order.

Excerpt #2

Given the evidence, it is clear that Christianity wanted to have justice and fairness without violence. However, the Roman ideology believes in violence in order to have quiet and order. Justice would appeal to those people in the Roman Empire like slaves, poor, sick and old people who got treated by the Roman Empire.

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We should be fair to everyone, whatever he/she is poor or rich or something else.

3  VISUALIZING TEXT -sketchnoting

How did sketchnoting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

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Sketchnoting help me with the process of the Christianity originated and spread. Because it’s really a long time for Christianity to grow from original to spread out. But sketchnoting shows the process very clearly.

↪What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

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I should draw more pictures and write more details, cause sketchnoting still have to have a lot of details.


What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?  (copy & paste from your reflection)


Evidence & Analysis VLOG

Reflection VLOG

DBQ Final Draft Vlog

I learn about "what makes poetry poetry", line breaks, white space, personification and a lot. Actually, I thought about I'm a poet recently (Because now I have almost 20 poetries in my writing notebook and sometimes I even think I can have a book of all my poetries). And when I don't know what to write about, I think about that if I'm a poet, what will I write about? Then I will know something to write about. Maybe I will continue to write poems because I think it's very fun to write some poems to relax myself. My overall experiment of poetry is... I think it's very fun to write something with my thinking! If I will be a writer when I grow up, then I will really hard working on writing nowadays! (But actually I really don't want to be a writer when I grow up cause I want to be a teacher...)