On my spring break, I usually slept a lot, I normally slept until like 11 or 12. When I woke up I would watched Youtube and played my phone a little, so that I can really wake up. After I would go eat lunch with my mom. Sometimes I woke up early because Sue was coming to my house to play. On Monday she went to my house and played slime with me, but it was a big mess. After her mom came, we went to a buffet to eat. For other day I just played and talked with my friend using Skype. We talked like for more than one hour. On Friday I went to Sue's house and played with her. For Saturday and Sunday, I chated and played UNO with Amber until midnight. I think that I had a really fun spring break.

At the middle of the year 2006 there is an unbelievable thing that happened to Singapore, which is a rarest type of gorilla was found in a forest that no one have been in there after the storm in the year 1998. The gorilla was found in a cave that is in the middle part of the forest. It was found by one of the men who is exploring the forest.


    At first, the man saw a very big cave in the forest. He was wondering what can it be in there, he went in that cave which is super dark that you couldn’t see a thing. First when he came in the cave he saw something like a lake which is filled with water in it. After walking deeper,, the lake disappear, after he saw something that was shiny that is flying on the air,and which is kind of look like two diamond that is flying on the sky.


   After a minute, the shiny thing start to get closer and closer. He took out his flashlight and saw a gorilla. He quickly ran away, but the gorilla didn’t ran up to him. After the gorilla start walking out slowly. Once the gorilla walked to the outside of the cave, the man saw that it was the rarest type of gorilla which is exist about 100 years already.


  He knew that this type of gorilla won’t attack people. After he called people from the zoo to come and help the gorilla. Also to make sure if this is the gorilla that had existed 100 years already. Once the people from the zoo came, the sudden the gorilla ran away. They actually forget that this type of gorilla is scared when there are too many people standing by them


    The gorilla ran to a big city that is near to that forest he jump up to the wire rod. The people in the forest are trying to catch up with the gorilla, they finally found him. But they couldn’t climb up to the wire rod, so they called the electronic worker who usually fix those wire rod to help take the gorilla down from the top.

The people from the electronic came and the people from the zoo climb up with the electronic man. They finally took the gorilla down by using a kind of medicine for that type of gorilla. This type of medicine can make the gorilla calm down.

    After the reporter also came, and asked the man some questions. The man said “I was a person who likes to explore, so this time I want to explore this forest that no one have come in for a long time. I actually want to came here when after the storm in the year 1998. But this forest is too big and there may be danger in here so I have to know more about this forest before I came in here.”

Last week was  MS WWW and this year we went to Madagui. It is a very beautiful forest, and we hiked, rock climbed, zip lined and we did more fun things at Madagui.

My favorite thing that we did was zip lining. There are many reasons why I like zip lining the most. The main reason is because I never tried zip lining before. The next reason is because when we looked down, we could see the river, lake , and the forest.

Even though I like zip lining the most, when I was waiting for my turn to zip line, I was actually kind of scared. Every time looked down, I  was so scared, but once I started zip lining, I wasn't scared. I hope next year we will have zip lining for WWW again.


My goal is to only make 10 to 20 mistakes each time, by May 2018.

  1. What new insights do you have into cyberbullying? What aspects of this problem do you know about now that you weren’t aware of before

I remember when we haven’t started learning about cyber bullies yet, I actually think that it doesn’t happened at internet. Also I thinks that people cyberbullies other is just because they are new students, so it is fun to cyberbullying. Now i learned it, i know that it is actually not because they are new student, it is because the cyberbullies probably have some problems, so they go cyberbullying others students.

     2.What did try throughout the writing process? How did it help you be successful?

At class time we have many class discussion, and we also have someone example, and we looked at it together to make it better. His help me a lot when I am writing.

     3.What is your biggest take-away from our class discussions about this topic? Why?

It is that I learned that cyber bullying doesn’t just happened just because the cyber bullies want to. It is because maybe the cyberbullies have some problems in them, so they want to cyber bullies other. Or maybe because they are jealous about something they have or their personality, so cyberbullies choose them as their victim.


Schools should be accountable for disciplining cyberbullies when students threaten others.  One reason is that it can cause a victim to have  trouble learning at school.To illustrate, some  students terrified their victim  by saying swear words, and it could make  students unforgettable.  The students could be scare while they are learning in school, and it also affects the student learning because they are too worried. This shows that this student is harassing their victim by threatening.As a result, the school should be responsible for cyber bullies because if they don’t, it can cause the victim some trouble learning at school, and the cyber bullies may threaten other people in the school again.

School should not be responsible for punishing cyberbullies if it doesn’t happens at school, but it happens outside of school. For example,  “there is a student in eighth grade and she took a video of her friends making means about other girls, and she posted to Youtube and the teacher saw it. After she was suspended, and her dad went to the law and said the school shouldn’t suspended her daughter because it happened outside of school, the law agreed with her dad.” The evidence points to that if the cyberbullying doesn’t happen at school, then the school shouldn’t be responsible for punishing cyberbullies. Since the school doesn’t see it and how or why it happens, the teacher doesn’t know who it is happening with. It is impossible for school to be the Internet Police because the school can’t monitor all the things that students do and write on the internet. They may know some parts, but they can’t know the full details that happen on the internet.  Therefore, the school shouldn’t be responsible for punishing cyberbullies, even if it affects students’ learning. School is the place where it teaches student, and the law should be the right place to talk about cyberbullies. Because school can’t know every single thing about how cyberbullies start. In law enforcement, there are  people who know who did what, and if it needs to get punished or not.