Johnson was chatting with a friend online he met while surfing on the internet. His ‘friend’ ask Johnson to come over to his place and gave him an address. Johnson agreed and came over but was kidnapped when he reached his house. This boy just agreed to come over to a stranger's house he doesn’t know except from the internet. He has put himself in a very risky and vulnerable position. These kids must be taught by parents to not meet up with strangers or no one else will. I say that kids should not be spied by parents but warn kids about the danger

Parents should not secretly checking their kids social media, but rather should conference with them about the consequences of doing so. The reason is that teens should have their own time with their friends online. A high school senior student says that, “I believe the most effective thing for parents to do is to warn their kids by making clear exactly how easy it is to fall into an online, life ruining trap such as profile pics when they maybe fake." In other words, the best way to for guardians is to to warn their teenagers by telling them precisely how easy it is to fall into a horrendous trap. As a result, the family members now are doing a great job keeping their trust with each other for the entire time using this method. Therefore, warning their child about the worst things that could happen when surfing through their social media is the best method.

Parents should not spy on their kids because they should have privacy from their parents. In Family United Against Spying, A college student says “when parents go on their children’s facebook pages and look on their phones is a complete invasion of privacy”. In other words some parents believed that when spying on their social media it is a total violation to their personal area. these evidence shows that although parents want to spy on their kids, this makes teens to thinks that their own parents are untrustworthy. To conclude, parents should not spy on kids because it is a total invasion of their privacy.

On the other hand, many people are still concerned that their teens would talk to strangers and could meet up with them. For example, in protection orparanoia, in 2006 ⅕ of teens were harassed because they meet up with someone. Evidence shows that many girls who has strangers as friends are getting them into a lot of trouble with these friends they make. Although this argument seems alarming, most of these harassments are people they are close friends with, not strangers who pretend to be a young teens. In 2009 researchers found out that most of these sexual solicitation are from their close friends. This means that many people have sexual solicitation but most of these are from buddy’s rather than an old man trying to be a girl teen. Therefore, parents should be concerned on who their teens friends are. For this conclusion, although teens might have sexual solicitations on social media, it is only for friends and no need to be too worried for strangers. 


In conclusion, with all the evidence, we can see why parents just talk to their child about social media, not spy on them. If parents spy on their social media then they are invading their privacy and the best way is to advice children the risk of social media like hacking into your profile or kidnapping your child. I will say this, social media is a way to connect with other people, we should not restrict kids totally. Sure it is dangerous but telling them will make them prepared for these disasters to strike.

For my sculpture I think the easiest part to make is the venus fly traps because you only need wire and paper mache for this plant. The challenges I might face is the vines might take a while to construct with all the materials it needs. My ideas are that I create a carnivorous plant garden with alot of plants that eat insects or lizards. I believe that we take multiple tries of ideas rather than once is because that we can take many ideas and compare or combine these designs to make the final. I like this project since I like sculpting rather than drawing, and making my ideas become reality. I am thinking that I would make a plant garden with carnivorous plants.

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Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to the risk of talking to strangers. Teens may also share information online with other people they don’t know of   For example, they could share private files like addresses, real name, family members and reveal it to public meeting up with strangers    As a result, they could get kidnapped or their valuables would be taken away    In conclusion, parents should demonstrate how not to get into stuff like this.