Our Wearable Art

This  is our wearable art.   






I like this piece because it is not like other peoples hat/beanie.

One thing I would like to change is put more buttons and wires because it looks really plane.

Our original idea is to put eyes everywhere around the hat/beanie. 




Caravella field trip

Today we went to Caravella hotel to learn about how much does it cost for bills because it’s such a big place and were learning about how does energy work.

1.This is when Mr.Khoa/person who showed us the place.And he showed us the electric bills and it was – really expensive it was about 2 billion VND a month that is really expensive.

2.This was when we bike really fast and made the light turn on it was so cool. And how the lights turn on is the bicycle generates electricity.

3.This is when all the hotel air comes to this room and it is cold for everyone but not me and Vanna.

4.And this is when we saw all the dirty water turn into clean water and it was kinda clean and we were at the top floor.

5.This was also at the top floor and we took a picture and saw a lot of good views.

6.And finally the last one this is when we saw the dirty water also processing but it was a lot dirtier water and there was bubbles.













Learning Journeys!!!!!

On Friday:

I  had learning journeys and I shared what I did in school. For example I shared my Math, Core Value and Narrative Non-fiction. Then I share the stream table and my question was what ”if you put dirt and make a dame?” I showed my mom our story board and how we planned our folktales. The last thing we did was to interview my Mom as in assessment.


Film festival!!

I felt nervous because I’m not use to getting up on stage and performing in front of a lot people. To get up on stage and perform because before I went up on stage I was really nervous but when I get up on stage I am not nervous at all. I wished we could have more time because if we had more time we could add more clips to our video. 

Cultural Fair

Today we went to a Cultural fair it is about going to a bunch of stations and it is about the Vietnamese culture It happened in the auditorium. We had a culture fair because to celebrate Vietnam. Station #1 Is a Vietnamese traditional Game.Station #2 Is Rice Farming. #3 Is About Vietnamese Traditional Hat. 4# Is About Fish Sauce. 5# Is about Traditional Clothes. #6 Musical Instruments.Fun Facts #1 They play the game when they are bored. 2# They Get all the crops before they plant more. 3# They find a pond and leads to bamboo. 4# There is a lot of kinds of fish sauce. 5# I learned that the clothes are made of silk. 6# There is a another kind of Recorder made of wood. My favorite one is when we ate the fish sauce because it taste so good.

Pottery Fun Time With Jonathan

Today we went to a place near Panorama. Then we went to the pottery place. We first made a box. It was really hard at first because we didn’t know how to make a box. They taught me how to shape the boxes and cut it out carefully. And how to make all the peaces look like 1 peace. My favorite part was when we did the bowl because it was so satisfying.


Exploration Station

I was really excitedabout Art because I get to show my Mom and my Baby Brother my painting and drawing. And show them how to do Art this way. Then I started to teach my Mom how to paint in a different way. Then I showed her an example of using the Jelly painting. Then she started to make some art work and also let my Baby Brother try to paint a picture.