Today is the big day, for an awesome sleep over. I was so happy and exited. First we started a normal day at school, after 2:45 we started to plan where are the students going to go for activity. And then after all the activity. All the students went to pick a restaurant, and then me and my 3 best friends went to a really nice restaurant. And I thought it was bad because it had a lot of mosquitos. But the food was actually really good. So I touched my spoon. And I saw amazing food on the table. And I heard Motorcycle and cars. And  

Today was the day that we did our G4 Talks and we went inside the classroom, and MR.Ross was not there, and then we saw the white bored and it said ''to come down to the auditorium''. I was really nervous, and I think that everyone else was nervous too. At my performance i was not scared anymore because I was already in the stage. After the G4 Talk i was really happy that i went to perform.and we celebrate that we did all the hard work. I think I did pretty good. I liked that I speak loudly. and I liked that i speak loudly. I think I should put more hand gestures. I thank all the teachers who helped me. Mr. Papaseit, Ms. Fox, Mr. Stevens, Ms. Ronzetti, Mr. Hoa, and last but not least Mr. Ross.