I am trying to make our live easier by make human daily live action to generate electricity. This is important since electricity do cost a lot of money. Not only that, we now a day still struggle with energy. For example, sometime you suddenly don't have electricity because of something explode or just there is not enough electricity. If we use my method, you will have a little amount of electricity generate per day and when we add up, it is a big number. We don't need to use a lot of money of electricity and instead, we can use it for a much better way like charity. In this project, I learn how to generate energy by changing potential or kinetic to electricity and the opposite way. I also learn how their is many kind of way to do it. For example, hydropower, solarpower, or even you can do it just by rotating something or even move something. The challenge for me is to have more ideas. Since the ideas need to be creative and it shouldn't have a lot of side impact. Not only that, I also struggle with the website, since this is my first time create it, it didn't seem as good as the one I imagine in my head. However, I have do best so it is good. My strength in this project is that I already know little bit about the project since we have study this before, so I can safe a lot of time studying. My weakness is to brainstorm and organized ideas. This is very hard for me cause I can't really concentrate for a long time and also I don't usually think of good ideas. In conclusion, I am proud of what I have since I do it with my best afford and if can could do one more thing if I have more time, I will spend more time about how to use wix so that I could create a much better website.







I have learn about how to create energy. What is energy? Not only that, how to create electricity out of energy. How we use solar, hydro, for electricity. The challenging part is thinking up with ways and ideas. I have ideas, but not that much. For example, my first ideas is about how we can use the water when we bath to create electricity when it fell down to the hole. Or another one is how we can but many turbine at the door so when we open it, it create energy. My timeline is going a little bit behind, but that is okay, one day of hard work will fix that hole. The next thing I will do is that putting all of my ideas together that make everything you do can create energy. I am already doing the website so I think I am doing good.

I gonna start search about how can we create electricity. Not only that, I also am buying the stuff and materials that I need. I want to do this sinceĀ I feel like we can create much more energy when we do something everyday. I got a lot of ideas so I think I will do good this time. I will start right now. First, I gonna search way to create energy, than I gonna brainstorm how we can put it on human daily life and how much energy will it create. Then I gonna create a website of my project. I will find about 5 ways or more and describe how in the website. I will create website by wix. The challenging about this project is not many people this ideas so it is kind of hard to search for it.

How can we create energy?

Way to create energy?

How many energy will be create from one machine?

What material should I use?

I have find how to solve the issue Albedo of the roads affect the environment. I find out that the darker the things are, the least the Albedo is, which mean it is bad. So I just need to find a solution that to make the road more shiny or white. It is very important since it help me to find the new way to prevent global warming, and also for other people. My main idea focus is What is the best way to increase the Albedo of the road for it to deflect light out of the Earth more.

My main challenge right is just try to organize stuff. Although I have all of the thing I need, I still need to organized it in a very creative way and good way for reader's attention and understanding.

My strength is to find the solution. I am really proud of it since it is reasonable and cheap.

Abedo of the roads (2)


  • I have learn how the road is made. I also learn that how each one have different pros and cons. I learn have the Albedo of the road change when then material is changed. I also learns how many percent of road are there around the world.
  • The most challenging right now is to come up with a solution. Although I roughly have a plan for it but it is still very weak.Not only that, organize is also hard for me. Since I am doing powerpoint, I need to type in an organized way for it just look like the poster but many.
  • Because I have a plan for the solution already, I will start doing it right now, then if I fail, I can still have time for me to try again. For the organize, I need to get all of the ideas first, then put it in so I don't need to be worry about missing information.
  • My timeline is going okay, I have achieve my goal for now, which is already make a presentation and I have begin on it.
  • From here to the end. I am planning to finish study the solution for my project on 11 December. Then I will put everything together.

I am gonna start searching about how the albedo of roads affect the temperature around the world. I want to study about them since when I was small, I have been love the road, because of its complicated map and it is also interesting to see how that road let us through anything. Since I have the idea that I will create a powerpoint to show the project, I will use powerpoint. At the first week, I gonna learn how the road is make and how it reflect and deflect radiation, second weeks, I gonna starting doing the powerpoint, last I gonna calculate all of the information that I gather.

Main Question:

What material is made for road?

How much radiation is add to the earth's ozone?

What could the road be made out of to prevent effect the temperature?