Ecodome attempt 3

For our third ecodome we have put in 2 grass hoppers with 2/3 of water tank filled up so that the water won’t run out for the grasshoppers. We also taken out some food due to the result of our first attempt which was only having the leaves of the plant as the food source for them.

This time we made our 3rd ecodome and we have left it for about a week to see whether it can survive or not for few days or longer. When we have opened up our ecodome, the smell was horrible, water has taken over nearly the whole land. We couldn’t check where the grasshoppers were because they drowned due to too much water filled up.


This photo is dead grasshopper found in the water due to too much water filled up.

We’ve seen

  • a grasshopper dead
  • dirty water (brownish color)
  • kakaotalk_photo_2016-12-13-19-24-00_60
  • There was algal bloom on the side of the dome
  • there were 2-3 sprouts
  • kakaotalk_photo_2016-12-13-19-29-27_7

When we had a look at other students ecodome, they had much less water, but their crickets/grasshoppers survived.

They had some more foods and plants for their crickets or grasshoppers.

Based on the research, we need more types of plants to feed them to make them survive in our ecodome.


Therefore for next ecodome we are going to have new design:

Day 9 Ecodome

The changes that we made from our last ecodome was following things:

  • taken out flower seeds
  • making sure that the water didn’t leak through (last time the water leaked from the tube that connects 2 containers.
  • we also have given them lettuce to eat if the leaves of the plant can’t be eaten by the grasshoppers.

When we opened up our ecodome after 2days of re-making the ecodome we found:

  • 2 grasshoppers floating on the water (drowned)
  • stinky (the smell inside)
  • water was dirty
  • the leaves weren’t eaten by the grasshoppers.
  • the water supply from the water tank stopped
  • there was a lot of moist.
  • couldn’t find 2 grasshoppers

The result of 2 grasshoppers both found dead in the water was because of too much water supply from the water tank. At the start we thought there will be enough water provided to the grasshoppers, however, the result was different. The level of water was 2/3 of the soil level. We think it is because of skill to control the amount of water coming from the water tank to the dome where the grasshoppers are staying.

When we had a look at other students ecodome, they had more foods than us and their crickets/grasshoppers survived.

Also they had more plants than us, we only had a big plant and nothing else.

Language Arts 8 Research paper

During this research paper, I have felt that I have successfully written a detailed body paragraphs on my topic and answer my question on the topic that I wanted to write about which was the island Dokdo. I personally think that I had done a lot of research on this topic and the reason why I think is because the topic that I’ve been writing was one of my interests that I wanted to know more about.


While I was writing this paper, I couldn’t have access to variety of sources because the topic is an island that the Republic of Korea and Japan is both wishing to own that island. Therefore in order to get information that is not biased was hard except getting information on the resources that it has.


If I could write this paper again and all other things, I would plan more specifically so that I can get more quotes, more variety of sources and more unbiased information. Also not only this I would have done more research using the databases and actually send emails to people who do know ell about those information.

Day 7 – Ecodome

We have opened up the ecodome and found 1 of grass hoppers dead but 1 alive. There weren’t any mould formed and the water was not clear.


  • leaves eaten by grasshoppers.
  • 20161108_103156
  • the plant was still alive.
  • there were still a little amount of water
  • the grasshopper was on the leaves.
  • there were still some sunflower seeds left
  • 20161108_103038

I shall have water tank fully filled so that there is plenty of water for them.

There should be more food for the grass hopper for if the food given can’t be eaten by the grasshoppers.

Science Ecodome project Day 1

This project is Ecodome project which is making the Ecodome for grasshoppers or crickets to survive on their own over the Christmas holiday.

The following picture is our design of our ecodome.


The following is our first design of our ecodome.


As we continue to test lots of different possibilities that might fit them, we shall hopefully find the best environment for them. Then we create our final ecodome before the christmas holiday and the grasshoppers or crickets shall survive.

Social Studies 8 Q1

Over the Quarter 1, I’ve experienced new subject called ‘Social Studies’. I also got some opinions on the Social Studies class.

What was good?

What I personally liked about this class was that I got to study about the topics that I didn’t study before, practicing Document Based Question and writing essay with the given sources. However I loved with practicing research skills which I thought I was weak at it.

What was bad?

I had some good feelings about Social Studies class, but I also had few things that I didn’t like. I didn’t like the fact that we couldn’t write an essay for each new DBQ topic.

Because of new researching skill I learned, I am now feeling confident with researching facts about important human or the topic that I am working on.

Language Arts & overall Q1

In our Newspaper Article Project, each of the member had to write an article based on their favorite topic such as sports, music or others. After that, as a group, we organized all articles into the newspaper. Overall, despite the fact that I didn’t include lots of power words, it was well written.

While writing some articles, it was a chance to write articles and actually put everything together into a newspaper. Not only writing newspaper articles, I got time to go on the BBC or CNN to have a look at how they write the articles and study the way they write their articles.

So far in Quarter 1, not only for Language arts class overall, despite the fact that I wasn’t able to remember the time table, the rest of it was well going and also now. Although this is my first year to study in SSIS, there wasn’t big problems that I wasn’t stuck.

This is the newspaper that we created:    classic-newsletter