El Viaje a Madrid

Yo fui a Madrid durante el 15-19 de septiembre con mis padres. Los Taiwaneses no necesitan el visado a visitar España. Despegamos en avión de Cathay Pacific a las 7:40 a la noche desde Ho Chi Minh. Transferimos en Hong Kong por 90 minutos.

Aterrizamos en Madrid a las 7:50 de la mañana. Tomamos un taxi al hotel, Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid, como 30 minutos. Depositamos los equipajes en el hotel y caminamos a Puerta de Sol y vimos el Oso y el Madroño. Volvimos al hotel a las 3 de la tarde y descansamos hasta que la hora de cañar. Teniamos consados.

17 en septiembre. Fuimos el Museo Nacional del Prado en metro, Banco de España. Básicamente, todos los cuadros versan similar. Regresamos el hotel porque mi padre necesitó trabajar. Encontramos un restaurante para la cena, Casa Labras. Ordenamos tapas, tejada de Bacalao y croqueta de bacalao. Muy delicioso.

18 en septiembre. Fuimos Mercado de San Miguel a pie. Hay muchas comidas allí, tal como Jamón ibérico y Paella. En la noche, fuimos a Plaza Mayor. Cenamos en de María Parrilla. Recomiendo el Combinado de Queso Manchego.


19 en septiembre. Es hora de irse. Despegamos a las 11:30 de la mañana y transferimos en Hong Kong por una hora. Llegamos en Ho Chi Minh a las 10:15 de la mañana.

Graphic Novel Analysis

The series of panels above is my favorite part that I did in Exploratory Writing. My story is about a girl who found a secret garden in the manor with her cousin after she quarreled with her mom. She rode the horse and led he keep running. Then they stopped in front of the garden gate.

This scene is talking about the garden that they found a secret corner in their huge manor. I used establishing shot in order to show the garden that I just talked about. The garden that behind the gate.I used a speech bubble to present that someone is talking. The speech bubble can let people know the conversation. Also, I used the reaction shot to show the face of the fairy.

It’s quite a big challenge for me because drawing a graphic novel is not only about your drawing skills also your literature.

Chair Sculpture Reflection

| Introduction |

In the entire quarter 3, our project was to create and complete the chair sculpture by your own. Sculpture operates in three dimensions of the visual art. Before we started, we brainstormed a lot and drafted about the theme. I chose the theme of the Secret Garden at first, however, I added Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to be my another theme. I separated the chair into to part. I led the chair lie on the ground which is different than other students’. Through the whole project time, we used many types of techniques that Mrs. Jardin has taught us such as paper mache, plaster, painting, shaping, etc.



At the beginning, we were learning instead of making and creating. We learned new techniques and many different elements; line, shape, space, mass/volume, texture/pattern, movement, color, plane, balance, form, proportion/scale, value, contrast/variety/focal point, repetition/rhythm, and harmony.  We had to choose six of them into the chair sculpture. As you can see in the poster. I used value which demonstrates the dark and light or shadow, line shows the movement of the branches that growing around the chair and want to take off it, the texture here is kind of rough and it looks like a real flower, obviously, the base shape of the sculpture is the chair, the color I painted here is all applied color, lastly, the space can be negative and positive, the arrow in the poster is the negative space.  

Here is the gif of my chair process. 

I didn’t know what could I do at first. I only chose my theme, the Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland. When everybody started to plaster, to shape their chair, I was still thinking about what could I do for my chair. I painted the rocked-wall first and made the small decorations and objects. After that, I began to shape my big objects and plastered them. Through the first grade, I noticed that my objects were exiguous. Then I made a teapot with light blue and a cup because even my theme was Alice in Wonderland, but there was nothing strongly showed my theme. I used a board and put three doors on it and stuck at the bottom part of the chair to connect the door to the Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland. In quarter 4, I started painting and gluing. Because of the time limit, I mix all colors and painted with a dry sponge to all the surface of the chair. 




     In the restaurant, there are a mother and her teenage daughter sitting next to the table. The girl is focusing on her phone all the time. Her mother is mad about that and she is going to take away her phone. However, the girl claims that she is discussing Social Studies homework with classmates. Should her mom believe her? Nowadays, owning a smartphone is not surprise anymore. Teens, adults, children and even your grandparents have smartphones. On a smartphone, there are Google, dictionary, camera, calendar, notes also the applications of social media. It is really convenient to people’s life. Many people including teens couldn’t live without their social media. Parents should not over-controlled their kids’ phones because parents should trust and respect what their kids’ are doing and make them feel comfortable. Critics may claim that there are many dangers on the internet and so they should monitor their social media to avoid the sorrows and protect them; however, this is not a valid argument because teens should be responsible for what they have done and know what is good or bad for themselves.

     Parents shouldn’t check their kids’ privacy because trust and independence are important to the relationship of parents and teens. Kids won’t check their parents’ private information secretly and so why should parents do that to their kids. In this quote, Dan, father of three teenagers, states he has never viewed the private messages of his kids even if he knew how to check because he respects and trusts his teens. However, “trust is a two-way street”,  his kids believe their father and he trusts his kids as well. As a result, parents should trust and give some private spaces to their teens to socialize instead of trying to enter their worlds and let them follow the steps that parents plan for. For this reason, don’t spy or check kids’, especially teens, social media or private devices anymore. Trust is a two-sided way. If one side breaks the trust, it is hard to fix and rebuild.

     Another reason that parents shouldn’t access and monitor their kids’ social media is because teens will have their friends and secrets. Social media is a quite common way to get to know new friends. If parents over-control teen, it will make their teens feel awkward and unhappy. According to Ryan, 13, an eighth-grade student, ‘“If I’m texting someone, and I know my parents are checking my messages, then yeah I probably won’t say the stuff I would say if my parents weren’t checking. For example, I’d say “stinks” instead of “sucks,” or not swear when I’m really mad. However, it might make me feel uncomfortable when talking to someone, for example, a girl or a girlfriend. If nothing inappropriate is said, and it’s just talking, I don’t want my parents snooping into my social life.”’ If teens know that their parents are checking their messages, they will be uncomfortable. It is just like someone stalking and judging you but they are parents. Teens can’t be themselves in social media. They have to be polite, be nice, etc. As the matter of fact, social media is just like a diary which keeps the secrets. No one likes to have their diary read without asking, including kids. Parents probably won’t read children’s diary but why would parents want to spy into teens’ social media. Social media requires the account and password, so that means the owner wants it to be private or there are some their info or secrets. Therefore, parents shouldn’t be curious about teens’ world on the internet. It will just distance parents and their children because there is no trust between both of them.

    A common argument against this position is that parents feel that they can control their children and expect that kids shouldn’t have secrets or anything that they don’t know. In Harlan Coben: Parent Spy, Marisol Diaz argues that “Does Coben think spying on teenagers’ social media activities is enjoyable? Absolutely no. In fact, he says that not spying is the easy way out. It’s tough for parents to learn about what goes on in chat rooms, to read the cruel comments of cyber bullies, and to find out that their assumption about their teens might be wrong. For example, spyware revealed to one of Coben’s friends that his daughter was using drugs and having a relationship with her dealer.” This example is used to illustrate that parents trust their teens, but actually the evidence shows that their kids can not be trusted. There is no more trust between parents and teens anymore. Their kids are totally different than their assumption of them. There is some truth to the argument that parents shouldn’t trust their kids or believe everything they say. However, not every kid has drugs or complicated relationships with the people of the opposite sex.  If parents figure out that their kids are weird or stranger than before, they can try to talk and communicate with them and let them know what are the dangers on the internet but not just spy on their accounts. Mindy, mother of three teenagers says that she told her friends that she and her husband have never checked their kids’ Facebook page or their other social media. All of their friends felt shocked. When did the society change? When did trust become not important anymore? The evidence indicates that she and her husband really trust their kids and they understand them so they can give them the independence. To sum up, teens should be responsible over their life. If parents feel that their kids are different, they should put more attention on them but not control and take away all of the freedom of them.

    In conclusion, parents should trust and respect their kids instead of judging and controlling. If parents do that, it will make their kids feel uncomfortable and realize that parents don’t believe them. Trust is a two-sided bridge to each hearts. If one side breaks the bridge, it is hard to build up again. Sometimes parents just want to protect their teens out of the dangers, however, teen’s knowledge is enough to separate what is good or bad. They should be responsible for what they did. Parents can not stay with them forever. Therefore, if you are still trying to spy into your kids’ social media, why you don’t start to believe them or talk to them. It is a start, isn’t it?

Social Media – Parents’ views

What concerns would parents have about their children using social media?

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to chatting with strangers. Teens may confirm strangers on their Facebook. For example, teens accepted their friend request, start to chat even hang out with them and reveal their private information accidently. As a result, those strangers might kidnap those kids and sell them to the black market. In conclusion, parents should check their kids’ friends online sometimes to protect them.

Chair Sculpture

Chair sculpture is a quite huge challenge to me because I never did the similar project before. I think the easier part is to sketch the draft of the project. Making the object I think is the most difficult part. Drawing is easy but making is hard. The Secret Garden is the idea of my mind. I am gonna to make the chair to lie down and put the gate of the secret garden on the place of the chair that we sit on. During making our design process, we can change our mind and idea during this, but if we just start our first idea we cannot change after start making.

Today, 8. Feb. 2017, I started to make the decoration of the chair. Through those tutorials, hand-making is not that hard as I thought before.

VIDEO of the process:

I used the paper roll to be the bush and paper mache with newspaper and tissue papers.

I painted the chair with dark brown and I am gonna to paint again at the end.

LINK of Pinterest: 



2nd video of chair sculpture:

I used the skills of plaster. Using the paper cloth and put them into the water and place them on your sculpture. After they dried, it will be really hard and stable.

This is the floor of the wonderland which is the back part of the chair. 

3rd video of chair sculpture:
Today I finished all of my plaster sculptures and I will start painting next class. 

4th video of chair sculpture: 

  • Looking at what you have achieved over the last 10 weeks, describe how you feel about the chair now and what you have really achieved. (imagine being back at that starting point)

    • At the beginning, I don’t really know what should I do and which part should I do first. I started to make the decoration in the first and second class but everyone was plaster and making the big objects. Until the third class, I finally had the plan and the theme that I decided. I thought it is really hard to make the sculpture, however, it is quite fun and interesting. My chair seems better than what I imaged before. When I got the idea, there were lots of designs appeared at the same time in my mind.
  • Explain the elements that are applied (you may need to look at your poster again don’t forget movement is one too) to your chair so far. If you were to choose ONE to be the most important what would it be? Is there one much more dominant than the others?

Final Ecodome

img_0579  img_0578 img_0577For the last ecodome, I use the same materials as the second ecodome because the plants are growing and healthy which can provide the fresh oxygen. Every living being needs oxygen to survive the same as grasshoppers. I put three grasshoppers this time as well. The grasshoppers last time I put were so weak. They died after few days, during WWW. According to the experience from before, my final ecodome shouldn’t place close to the window. It makes ecodome humid and hot.

Radical Invention Debate


Statement: The telephone revolutionized the history of the world more significantly than the invention of the light bulb.

PRO: Vivian, Tracy, Lissa

CON: Elin, Kelly, Thy

| Links |

Roles Matrix: Link

Assesment: JudgePeer Evaluator

Self Debate Planning Doc: Link

| Reflection |

  • From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.
    • After finishing my and observing other groups’ debate, I noticed that when we are debating, we have to be confidence whatever the evidence is strong or not. Also, speaking clearly is important. One skill to attack others is keep asking the questions. This can make them stop thinking their rebuttal.
  • How do you establish credibility as a debater?
    • Just like the answer that I wrote on the last question. Prepare the enough evidence and understand them, therefore, you know how to use them to be your strong rebuttal.
  • What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?
    • This debate really challenged me and made me nervous before debating. However, during the debating, it’s actually really fun. I thought it would be difficult, but it wasn’t.
  • What were you most proud of in your own debate?
    • After opening statement, we start to prepare our rebuttal and debating. Pros group asked me about the other point of my opinion, at first, I was so confused but at the ends, I knew how to catch the point and to find the answer that I want.
  • What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?
    • Even this time we lost our debate but I learned more than the knowledge of light bulb and telephone. If I had one chance to debate again, I think I would do more research and practice with my group members more times.


Art Final Reflection

elks-final-1 Final layered alliteration page

I painted the background and drew one of the elk and a little bit layering XD I really like to paint, so I was enjoying the time with it. However, I colored with color pencils, that’s why the mountain seems like a mesh. For the alliteration, we did a lot of the communication with our buddy and she also did a good job. I like the whole page not only the specific part.

coverLetter U layering

I layered this page for twenty minutes. Before put them together, I made them into PNG first then layer. If you look at this picture from the far distance, it’s fine. However, if you look at it closely, you will figure out it is not that fit. Two blue birds are fine, but the purple one is too obvious.

practice-posterPracticed Poster with Tea


Second Ecodome Day11

img_0558 img_0559All of the grasshoppers died. However, some of the plants’ leaves turned brown which probably are the moisture stress but they are healthy and keep growing. One of the plants is growing higher than the lid of the ecodome. It grows about three centimeters. It is opposite than the last time. For the first ecodome, grasshoppers are alive, but the plants died. I think it is because the temperature is too high in it and the ecodome got too much sunlight. For my third ecodome, I will put it in the shadow place instead of beneath the sunshine.