Art Reflection

During art class, we drew 3 types of drawings. 1) 1 point perspective, 2) 2 point perspective and 3) shadowing. My drawing goal was to draw a room using 1 point perspective. Drawing a 1 point perspective room, I learned that all the lines should face the vanishing point in my drawing. I also learned that if the lines face the vanishing point, the drawing would look more realistic. I want to improve drawing a draft so I would get better idea of my drawing and I also want to improve shading an object and making the drawing equal so that 1 part is not too dark. My drawing skills changed by looking more realistic and I could draw drafts more easily than before.
Here is my picture :

The Five Stages Of Cycle!

During the weekends I went to watch a movie with my friend. That’s when I had to use ‘The Five stages of cycle.’ The five stages of cycle is : imagine, plan, design, create and evaluate. My friend and I was planning to watch this movie called big foot because the trailer looked so fun and the last movie we watched together we were able to watch a short movie of ‘Big Foot’. That is when the imagine part is used. We planned hat we will meet on Sunday so we could play, watch the movie, eat and play again. We also planned to play on Sunday because that’s the only time when both of us had the most time free. This is when the planning stage of the five cycles came. On Sunday, me and my friend met and played in the mall until it was nearly time to watch the movie. That is the designing part. The when we went to buy the tickets, they said that there was only a Vietnamese version so it would be better if we watched a different movie. This is the creating part. So me and my friend decided to watch this movie called nut job instead. It was a lot of fun! Did you have any time when you think you used ‘The Five Stages of Cycle’?

Long Time No See!😁😝

Hi! My name is Bomin. This is my second year in SSIS and it is awesome! It’s a pleasure to be able to write to you guys again. This week is the second week of school so this post is just a welcome post. I am really excited to keep on writing posts on my blog this year because amazing things will happen.

I am really looking forward for this year because this year is the last year of Elementary school and next year I am in Middle school! YAY!!!! Also because this year we are going to go on amazing field trips which is going to be really fun! I am also looking forward for sports team this year because last year I only did 4 because I was a new kid and I didn’t know how to do them all, but this year I am going to join all sports teams and it is one of my goals this year.

Here are some of my goals for this year: 1) To improve basic math skills and be able to calculate hard math problems mentally. 2)To be able to read more fluently without stopping to pronounce long words. 3) To be able to write complex sentences with complicated words and phrases. What are your goals? Do you have any particular goals you want to achieve this year? Thank you for reading my first blog post this year. Be prepared to read  amazing posts during the year. Goodbye!  

Our 2nd and last book club!

Our class had our second book club in the same groups, so my group members were me, Yu-jin, Misha and Alex. I had an earlier blog post about our first book club but I think I didn’t explain what we do in book clubs. In book clubs we get a book that is suitable for our reading level and then all  the team members each have a job ready for each meeting. We have 3 meeting and a plenty of time so we could get ready with our job and read the book. That is basically what we do in book clubs.

Okay… so now I will introduce to you our new book club book which is called ‘ Baseball in April and other stories.’  I would like to rate this book a 2 out of 4 because in this book it had a bit of Spanish, the book had most of the Spanish words translated but some of the Spanish words wasn’t translated so it was hard for the reader to understand and because every chapter in this book was a different story so it was also sometimes confusing.

As I said this book has a lot of different stories but I would like to write a short summary about the chapter/story I liked the most. So the story I liked the most in this book is called the ‘karate kid’ and this story is mainly about a boy who is bullied, saw a movie named ‘Karate kid’ which he thought the main character of the movie had the same life as him. So he decided to take Karate classes like the character in the movie. Further on this book it tells us what the kid would go through like did he like the Karate class? Could he beat the bully by his Karate skills?

I would like to recommend this book to the people who know Spanish because as I said this book had a little bit of Spanish in it that could make the reader confused if we didn’t understand the Spanish words that comes out in some of the sentences.

This is the book cover of our book club book! 


Our fascinating explorer skit

The grade 4 had performed a skit of the early age of exploration. My group chose Jeanne Baret as our explorer. To get prepared for the skit our group practiced lots of times on our script memorising it. Then we added the actions to our skit so it would be more easy to understand and it would be more fun for the audience. Our group members was me, Yuli, Selena and Misha. Our script was about when Jeanne Baret got a disease called gangrene and when she was thrown off the boat/ship because the barber found out that she was a girl. What I really liked about our play was that we didn’t make mistakes and we spoke loud and clearly. I think our skit would have been better if I stayed in character more. I would give our group a 3 out of 4 because we sometimes swallowed our last word and we got confused on some places where we were supposed to stay. I really admire of the play of Yuki, Annie, Victoria and Patty because they had a narrator (which we didn’t have) to explain the skit had humor and got the props ready (which we didn’t do.) But I still think our group did a great job without getting nervous. 

Our explorer project!

During the few weeks, we chose an explorer and worked on him/her in a pair, a three and a quad. My groups explorer was Jeanne baret or also known as Jean bare, the first woman to circumnavigate the world. She was born in France July 27th 1470. She started to explore from France on a boat. The boat that Jeanne baret sailed on is called the ‘étoile’. She passed away on August 5th, 1807.

This is our boat model of the étoile!


My first film festival!

All the grade 4 had work really hard to be ready for the awesome film festival. We had to research, find interesting facts, interview experts about your topic and a lot more. It was challenging to write scripts and find good pictures but it was still a lot of fun. At the time of the film festival all the grade 4 students went to the back stage and lined up in order getting ready for the red carpet festival. Everyone was dressed fancy and pretty getting ready. After the red carpet festival we watched the documentaries, It was awesome! During the intermission we got to taste vietnamese food and it was also very delicious! It was an fantastic evening!


My amazing book review!

The book me and my book club read was called ‘Jeremy Fink and The meaning of Life’. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 because in my opinion even though the book was fun and mysterious it wasn’t really catchy or really that interesting to me.

So the book was mostly about a boy named Jeremy Fink who was turning thirteen this year found a box that had letters curved written ‘The meaning of life and for Jeremy Fink to open on his thirteenth birthday.’ which was from his father but his father passed away. The box had 4 keyholes but Jeremy and His best friend Lizzy found out that the keeper of the box, Jeremy’s fathers friend, lost the key, they decided to go on a mystery adventure to find out where the key is so that Jeremy would be able to open the box on his thirteenth birthday. And the book continues with a mysterious adventure with Lizzy and Jeremy Fink! 

I recommend this book to third graders to fifth graders because I think this book will be hard for second graders and it would be too easy for the sixth graders.

This is the book cover of the book we read!


The field trip with an artist Tracy lee!

It was a really lucky experience to be able to go to a field trip with the eco-artist Tracy Lee. We went to the Crescent Mall bridge to start and got  into 3 groups. One of the groups went to sketch first, the second group got to write poems about nature and the last group got to dip a long fabric to the river with Tracy Lee.  We rotated 1 time and then ate home lunch.  Then we rotated the rest of the time so everyone could do three things.We also learned a word that is Sustainability. Sustainability is having habits that restore our environment. It was an amazing experiment.



Our field trip to the museums!

We went to the museums to learn about our topic Viable Vietnam. The first museum we went was the Vietnamese traditional medical museum. We saw lots of different types of medicines that Vietnamese people used a long time ago.We also saw A herb doctors tree which was really interesting. The next museum we went was the Vietnamese ao dai museum. We saw a lot of different types of ao dai’s. There were also ao dai’s that were mixed with 2 countries. For example Vietnamese ao dai with american traditional clothes design mixed together.