My Social Studies Project

In Social Studies we have been working about using Minecraft. This project is about making a world similar to those in Ancient Egypt which has to include 2 physical features and a body of water.

Q: What are three things you have learned from Geography and Early              Human Settlement?

A: 1) Freshwater bodies influenced human settlement significantly.

2) Minecraft is useful and awesome.

3) Rivers gave valuable to settlers in order for them to survive.

Q: What are two things you are proud of about your project?

A: I would say the efficiency and quality of the final product.

Q: What would you do different if you were doing this again?

A: I would improve the appearance of the world and efficiency of my              planning.


Learning Journey Reflect!

Hello World! Today, we are going to do a refection on my learning journey.

Prior to Friday the 24th of March 2017, I and my class were busy prepping our class for our learning journeys after rebranding it as the “Learning Bistro”. We split our jobs out, I was in charge of the making of VR World, it was actually an upgrade because I was just adding on to the world I had already made and presented at the Tech Conference and Innovate SSIS. So basically, all I had to do was add and hide the temporary restaurant’s menu in a place where the parents can find it but still remaining hidden and my second job slash optional job was to add new things into my world just to add a bit more excitement. Some of the other jobs were lighting, decorating, menu designing and making, drink and snack prep and VR World modifying and designing (that’s my job).  We were proud of the outcome of our efforts for the “Learning Bistro”.

So after all the prep was done, all we had to was wait for our session the next day.


So the next day, my parents came in but they had some trouble finding the menu so I had to assist them in finding the menu myself. Everything else went according to plan, so probably its a success. So good bye!

Green Dragons Shark Tank

One Friday the 24th of April, the Shark Tank Finale was about to unfold and my group was one of the seven groups chosen to pitch to the judges while standing in front of an audience. So lets go all the way to the beginning, right before all this Shark Tank Finale happened. So about a day before the Shark Tank Finale, my group and I were scrambling to finish the final details for our Prezi or presentation during the hour just before the Shark Tank Finale. Luckily, we finished the Prezi in time and was able to present it at the Finale. Turns out at the end, we got a green light and we will be moving forward and implementing our proposed solution to the school. So that should be it for my Shark Tank Reflection so good bye!



Hello People of the Internet!

Today I’m going to do a review slash reflection of my class field trip to Cat Tien National Park. The park is located in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam.

What was the best thing about going to Cat Tien?                                          In my opinion, the best thing during the trip to Cat Tien was the bonfire because we got to eat marshmallows. The second best thing for me was making food for the sun and moon bears at the moon bear center, the food consisted of dog food and chopped bananas.


The picture on the left show’s me holding the food that I prepared for the bears.





What was something that made you happy while you were in Cat Tien?    While I was in Cat Tien, the thing that made me happy was being close to nature and the refreshing atmosphere around me, it was like being on another planet where human impact hasn’t significantly effected it.

How did you overcome a problem that you had in Cat Tien?                     The problem for me and a few other friends in Cat Tien was the mosquito, I’m not just talking about small mosquitoes in the city but ones that are about 3-4 times bigger than it, but that problem was quickly resolved by spraying mosquito repellent on ourselves.

What things are you proud of during the trip to Cat Tien?                        The thing that I’m proud of myself during the field trip was that everybody turned up back at school in one piece. The second thing I’m proud of is managing my mood in various circumstances.

What sustainable practices did you see at Cat Tien?                                   One of the eco-friendly practices we did in Cat Tien was that we used an eco-friendly microwave called a bon-fire. Another sustainable practice we did was not littering, why is this good? It is good because if we did litter, the park would look ugly and the process of cleaning the park would be expensive, time-consuming and tiring for the workers. Furthermore, if we did litter, our waste could be sitting there forever and next year’s field trip wouldn’t experience the cleanliness we did.

Why do you think the government protects places like Cat Tien and makes National Parks?                                                                             According to my research, the government forms national parks like Cat Tien because they want to preserve, defend and protect the local habitat and its inhabitants (plants, animals and to rehabilitate captive animals back to into the wild). In my opinion, I think it is good for the government to do so because preserving and protecting Vietnam’s animals and resources is important for the future of this beautiful nation.

What can we learn from going to Cat Tien?                                                 How to be responsible and self reliant. Furthermore, we also learnt how to take care of the environment. We also learnt how the ecosystem there functions through our micro-ecosystems period. 


During the micro eco-systems period, I was in a group with Anna, Halia, Vy and of course me. The picture shown on the left shows me observing what we think is a piece of a termite nest using a microscope while Vy jots down every data from the observation.                             


 Some people just don’t care about protecting and sustaining our environment. What would you say to these people to change their minds?  “Excuse me? Please put the piece of garbage into the trash bin. Help save the world!”



I think that my information report is average but it also needs some improvements like background selection and the layout. But the best thing I think about the report is the effort I put into it and the language in it. Next time I would pick better images and backgrounds.

Click the link below to view the Info. Rep. :–qJ4gfiVP3VGNmYVZwQUtJYnM/edit

My Reading

G’day World, today I’m going to update you with my reading.


My goal is to diversify my reading genres from adventure stories to more historical fictions. Furthermore, I will at least try to read 20 minutes or more but no less than 20 minutes.

Action Plan:

  • Find more books based on historical fiction to read instead of Adventure stories.
  • Time myself at night to have a guaranteed chance of reading more than 20 minutes and no less.


Day 1:  I found a good historical fiction book about WW1 called  TREATIES, TRENCHES, MUD, AND BLOOD (NATHAN HALE’S HAZARDOUS TALES #4). The book is set around the time after WW1 when a few characters meet up to explain WW1. The book is relatively thick with about 500 pages or more.I read the first 45 pages for about 21 minutes.

Day 2: I read 45 more pages of the same book during timespan of 21 Minutes. So far, I enjoy reading this book full of illustrations.

Day 3: I read 46 pages of the same book at a timespan of 20 minutes. I finished my 1st Book! Woohoo!

Day 4: I found a new book called Heroes, it is a book owned by Usborne. The book is compilation on a few heroic stories that have actually happened in the pass. I have started reading this book and I read about 46 pages in like 23 minutes.

Day 5: I read 45 pages in 21 minutes.

Day 6: I read 46 pages in 22 minutes.

Day 7: I read 45 pages in 21 minutes. I finished my second book.

Day 8: I started reading to read a new book called No Plan Survives Contact, the story is set sometime in the past and is about a soldier getting stuck behind enemy lines. That soldier has to try to establish contact his fellow troops then hope that he gets rescued by his side while trying to hide from enemy troops. I read 51 pages in 26 minutes.

Day 9: I read 39 pages in 20 minutes.

Day 10: I read 40 pages in 20 minutes.

Day 11: I read 42 pages in 21 minutes.

Day 12: I read 46 pages in 23 minutes. Plus, I finished this book.

Day 13: I’m reading a book called The Last America and I have read 56 pages in 28 minutes.

Day 14: This will be my last update for my reading. I read about 45 pages in 29 minutes. Plus, I finished this book too! Hooray!?


I think I achieved my goal on reading? Historical Fiction and reading for more than 20 minutes because I read about 4 or 5 historical fictions book in the span of 2 weeks. For me my next goal should be reading more Adventure Story books at timespan of more than 23 minutes. Thank you for tuning in!

Kelvin Dang, Over and out!?



#ScienceReflection 14/12/16

G’day World!

For my science report, I’m going to tell you about my Science Project I recently did with Quoc. Our project was about liquid and gases. First, we had to plan out the project and the safety procedure. Secondly, draft out the supplies and we need. Thirdly, get the teacher to approve. After that, make a Google Doc consisting of nearly everything you need to know about the project like the hypothesis A.K.A the prediction (duh!), list of materials, results…….(plus  a vid!). For more information about the project, please access and view the presentation.

During Science, we have been learning about Mixtures and Solutions. During that unit, we have been experimenting a lot for the last month or two. Some of our experiments were fun like the one we experimented with Tang Orange Powder. We were trying to see if we put more or less water, which one would be more concentrated? But at the end of the experiment, we each had two cups of Orange Juice made with the Tang Powder. My favourite part of Science was the experiment I had with Quoc using Coca Cola, Red Bull, Milk and Baking Soda because at the end of the experiment, we got to drink what was left of the fizzy drinks we used for the experiment. The longest and most boring part of the Science Unit is the process of editing the footage of our experiment on imovie and we also added some background music plus editing the volume of the movie. Editing the volume of the video took a very very long time to do. Somehow, I and Quoc managed to adjust the volume to a right level after trying effortless to succeed in doing it.


That’s it for this Science Reflection, thanks for tuning in                              Kelvin’s Blog. Bye Guys! Over and out!


G’day World! My name is Kelvin and I’m in 5th Grade. I’m writing? short blog to tell you what I have been learning this week. The day? Im writing this blog is December 2nd 2016.

Last night?, we had the 4th and 5th Grade Fall? Concert, where we had to sing songs? and play the recorder.During the concert, I felt really nervous because all the 4th and 5th Grade parents are there to watch us perform and if we screw up, we are done.



#Weekly Blog

G’day World!

My name is Kelvin and let’s dive into the reflection!

This week in class was great because we got to experiment with a few different solutions this week like observing salt crystals with a microscope and also trying to figure out what solution is what liquid during Science.

During Drama Class with Mr.Alan, we performed some scripts and played some  games like Captain on Deck, Zip Zap Zop and other games.

In PE, we were finishing of our Basketball unit and during that session, we learned and practice skills to shoot and aim balls into the hoops.

During Music Class, we are just getting ready for our concert so we are working so hard that our head is about to explode when learning to play our flutes and so on.